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info SPECTRUM [53] 
Genre: Covertape
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 395 Pts
developing team
1. José Fabián Cámara
4. Octavio Campos Barroso
5. J.M. Carrasco
6. Manuel González Martínez

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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Sixth of the thirteen installments in this series published by Hobby Press, which included various games and utilities (most in Basic) that accompanied many of us in our first steps with the Spectrum.

I must admit that I was not a big fan, the Load 'n' Run (it would take a while to discover the obvious why) or Your Computer caught my attention, but you know, for different colors.

1. PARCHÍSDownload [7]

Relive those rainy afternoon games, if you have patience with the slowness of the game. [2]

2. GRANJAGame card | Download [4020]

Simple but adictive. That was the key of the Microhobby games in its first era.

You must escape from the farm opening the doors with the keys, avoiding the pigs. [5.2]


Word processor that turns your Spectrum into a system with a green phosphor monitor.

4. PUZZCARDownload [36]

With an appearance that will remind you of Congost's 'Auto Cross' (Mattel later), our goal could not be more different. We must complete the road so that the vehicle circulates without problems and completes the route. [3]

5. ARANEUSDownload [8]

Classic game in which you have to remember the box where the figure to be identified was. In this case, you are a spider that has to catch all the flies. [3]

6. PENGOGame card | Download [4802]

Based on the famous arcade game from the early 80s, you take control of Pengo, a penguin who lives in the North Pole and whose mission is to go screen after screen filled with maze-like blocks of ice. To achieve this, you have to unite the three diamonds present in each one of them, and kill the four enemies that will be making your life impossible.

Pengo is one of those games that came ten by ten on the Microhobby Cassette tapes (which were not sold with the magazine, but separately), in the mid-80s. They were games of very simple conception, many of them made entirely or mostly in Basic, and whose sole purpose was to try to have a little fun. I did not fully enter at that time, but I did do it with enough time to get myself one of those mythical tapes, which I still have.

As for the game at hand, just comment that it is a faithful recreation of the machine, although quite limited in the technical aspect, with schematic graphics. It may still make you have a good time. [5]

7. GONUFFOSGame card | Download [4133]

Very simple game where you have to direct your character to the exit, avoiding the enemies whose continously appear in the screen.

Monothematic course with simple graphics and almost no sound. [2.9]

8. DIAMONDSDownload [8]

Guide your android through the tunnels to collect all the diamonds, avoiding the enemies who will try to prevent you with all their might. [3]

9. CHINOS, LOSGame card | Download [4018]

Who does not know the game of the Chinese? You have to guess the total sum of the coins in your hand and that of your opponent, in the number of turns you tell the computer.

Of the two Chinese games that were released on the Microhobby tapes, this is the one that looks the worst.

Programmed in Basic, it has very poor graphics and non-existent sound. [2.1]

10. RUBIKDownload [10]

The name of the game says it all. You start with the cube already formed, so the objective is not very well understood, beyond messing it up and rearranging it. [2]
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