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karnevi · 2020-08-12 · 9231 views [#376] 
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Carátula / Cover
Not available for PC
This file contains the complete tape image. In the review you will be able to download some of the games individually.
Genre: Covertape
Distribution: Commercial
Collection: MicroHobby Cassette
Price: 395 Pts
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Seventh of the thirteen installments in this series published by Hobby Press, which included various games and utilities (most in Basic) that accompanied many of us in our first steps with the Spectrum.

I must admit that I was not a big fan, the Load 'n' Run (it would take a while to discover the obvious why) or Your Computer caught my attention, but you know, to each his own.

1. TABLUTDownload [52]

Tablut is a game discovered in Lapland by the Swedish botanist Linnaeus, in the early 18th century.
In the displacements you can go through all the pictures you want, as long as they are not occupied and you do not go diagonally.
If you have an enemy by your side, the soldier is eliminated. It is possible to eliminate more than one enemy soldier with a single move, provided both sides of each are covered.
The king is only captured if he is surrounded by four Russian soldiers, or by three if the other square is the "konakis".
The Swedes win if the king reaches the edge of the board, and the Russians win if they capture the king. [5]

2. CANNONBALLDownload [48]

If you like 'Amoto's Puf', 'Rock' n 'Roller' or 'Mad Mix Game', you will like this simple game in which you must collect all the points on the screen with your car, at a hell of a speed. [6.2]

3. 3D SUPERTHUNDERDownload [52]

You steer a ship across a stage (three-dimensional?), Avoiding a smack. If you get to the end, it will start over but faster. [3.7]

4. TEXAS OILDownload [53]

Play the Dallas series on your computer, with the limitations that this implies, of course. Ambitious strategy game that will make you have a fun time, with the sole objective of getting all the oil before the rival company. [6]

5. TOM POM POMDownload [46]

You take on the role of a juggling clown, who has to prevent the balls he uses for his number from hitting the ground. Simple no, the following. [3.2]

6. ANTARESDownload [4736]

Your goal in Antares is to land a ship safely.
Programmed in Basic, which in principle would not have to present any special problems, it is a slow and rather boring program, which did not go down in the history of those simple games published by the Hobby Press magazine. [3.1]

7. BRISCADownload [49]

I have had a good time playing this classic of the Spanish deck. Correct graphics and dynamic development, you don't need much more. [7]

8. BABY FROGDownload [49]

You have to go as far as possible on the screen, avoiding the enemies. Very simple graphics, rather schematic, although it is an addictive idea. [4]

9. BOXERDownload [56]

Boxing program for two players, in which you will fight in ten one-minute rounds.
We cannot tell you much more, since there is no AI to analyze, depending only on the expertise of the two people who control the boxers. [5]

10. FÓRMULADownload [49]

Rudimentary racing game made in Basic, which was surely inspired by Atari's 'Pole Position'. Even so, given the times, it must have provided good times of fun for many of those who got hold of this installment of Microhobby Cassette. [3]
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Created: 2020-08-12
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Chema Matas (stalvs) & Ignacio Prini (cuadernillo)
Texas Oil
Texas Oil
Tom Pom Pom
Tom Pom Pom
3D Brisca
3D Brisca
Baby Frog
Baby Frog