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karnevi · 2021-02-13 · 20788 views [#283] 
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Genre: Revista
Distribution: Commercial
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2. D. Prieto
5. A. Sunyer y C. Marcos
6. F. Romero
7. L. Bajo
8. J.V. Gigante
9. A.I. Monteola
10. Alberto A.
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Ninth of the thirteen installments in this series published by Hobby Press, which included various games and utilities (most in Basic) that accompanied many of us in our first steps with the Spectrum.

I must admit that I was not a big fan, the Load 'n' Run (it would take a while to discover the obvious why) or Your Computer caught my attention, but you know, for different colors.

1. GNOMOSDownload [21]

If it were only for graphics (and for me it was in 1985), this game would be a marvel, despite the blinking of the protagonist (a smurf).
The pity is that it is boring, since there are no enemies to pester you. [5]

2. EL ÁNGELDownload [22]

You have to fly, like a celestial angel, to get the objects that will allow you to go to the next phase. It is entertaining. [5.2]

3. ATENTADODownload [5429]

Some petty terrorist has decided to blow up a cute little country house. To do this, he could not think of a better idea than to put nine bombs under it, just in case one was not enough. Your mission is to extinguish the fuses of the bombs before they explode and destroy the vest, for which you have a kind of extendable pipe (?), Through which you will channel the water necessary to carry out your objective.

Leaving aside the absurdity of the development of the game, it must be said that it becomes tremendously boring in the lower difficulty levels, because the fuses burn at a snail's pace, which does not improve much as you increase the level.

Simple graphics, virtual absence of sound and exasperating slow movements are the credentials of this game. [3.1]

4. TOURDownload [20]

Sprint against another cyclist, choosing the meters you intend to travel. [5]

5. POCKYDownload [21]

One of those 'Donkey Kong' style games, in which you have to go through the different heights collecting all the objects, in order to move to the next level. Simple graphics and addiction is what you will find. [5.7]

6. ZRONDownload [19]

Up to three names have this game: Zrom in the case, Zron (and Zrom too) in the booklet, and Tron in the game (Zron on the splash screen). A gibberish that has a clear origin: its creator wanted to reproduce the film's career, but when he arrived at Microhobby they told him that he had to take into account the rights.
It is a very simple game, in which you can choose difficulty and if there are obstacles or not, being able to compete only against another player. [4.5]

7. MISIÓN 5Download [23]

Surely this type of game is familiar to you, in which you move with a vehicle on the surface of another planet avoiding the obstacles that appear. A correct game. [5]

8. BOLERADownload [22]

Fun graphics and more bowling pins than you can fit in a room. Surely, in those days when it was published, more than one spent the time specifying the controls until they knocked them all down in one go. [5.5]

9. PALOMASDownload [24]

An original and entertaining game. You have to get to the top of the tower, to the nest of the pigeons, and on that journey catch the ones you come across. It will not be easy, because you can only catch them when they are on their back (obviously, if they see you they escape). [6.5]

10. Q.B.O.Download [20]

A peculiar memory, due to the position of the squares on the board. It looks good and ends up being addictive. [6]
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