Dungeons of Gomilandia (Retroworks 2020) :: Spectrum zone
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Atticus · 2021-04-11 · 1609 views [#556] 
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info SPECTRUM [45]  
Genre: Habilidad
Distribution: Amateur
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Puntuacion 8.0
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developing team
Idea original, programación, gráficos, arte, diseño y música: Francisco Javier Velasco Morales (Pagantipaco)
Programación adicional: Francisco Javier Peña (Utopian)
Rutina de carga de pantalla de presentación: Rafael Pardo (Spirax)
El cargador usa Compresión ZX7.
Motor de música: Beepola.
Pruebas: Francisco Javier Peña (Utopian), Rafael Pardo (Spirax), Francisco Javier Loscos (Metr), Paula, Equipo Retroworks.
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Atticus · review computeremuzone
Honestly, puzzle games have never appealed to me very much. Perhaps because they come to despair due to their monotony, head warming and in many cases, above all due to the absence of an ending, as in the mythical but desperate Tetris.

However, I must admit that this game is major words. Francisco Javier Velasco Morales, alias Pagantipaco, has created a title for ZX Spectrum 48k / 128k, called to be a benchmark of the Retro phenomenon that has been in full swing for several years and that does not seem to decline, but quite the opposite and with proposals like this, it will be very difficult for that to happen.

Many of us already knew of his great talent in drawing and illustrating, what we did not imagine is that he would also know how to program a great game of this caliber, including music and sound effects.

In Dungeons of Gomilandia, we will accompany Gominolo out of 55 screens in which, like cells, he will have to escape reaching the exit door by joining steps in a highly imaginative and addictive way. And so that we do not fall asleep, each screen has a time limit according to its difficulty in which a huge alarm clock will fall on us and crush our charming and friendly protagonist.

If you get stuck over and over again on the same screen or simply to enjoy it without haste, there is a "relaxed" option that is chosen in the start menu and that is very appreciated for not being aware of the clock. We also appreciate a series of keys that we are getting and that allow us to continue where we left off and not have to start from the beginning.

Certainly, it is full of details that give an idea of ​​the talent of Pagantipaco and the rest of the collaborations of the great team that make up Retroworks. A game that no one should miss.
Author: Atticus

Created: 2021-04-11
Visits: 1609 (#556)