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info PC WIN [60] 
Not Spanish
Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
developing team
Historia, Base de Datos y Seguimiento: Marcos Jourón
Liga Manager y Pro-Manager: David Galeano
Competiciones: Leo Zayas
Documentación: Julio Maldonado
Diseño Gráfico: Snatcho, Alberto Moreno
Ingeniero de sonido: Tomás Rubio
Músicas: José Antonio Martín
Efectos: Alejandro Gil
Director de arte: Dimas F. Gorostarzu
Producción: Carlos Abril
Productores asociados: Snatcho, Gabriel Ruiz y Víctor Ruiz

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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Premier Manager was released in 1992 for Atari ST, Amiga and PC. Published by Gremlin Interactive (the Heir to the legendary Gremlin Graphics) and developed by Realms of Fantasy, also published for SEGA's Megadrive.

In the following two years the second and third parts appeared; the first of them for the same systems, and the second only for PC and Amiga.

That marriage came to an end, I do not know the reasons, and during 1995 and 1996 no new versions were published, in what must have seemed to many the end of the saga.

Meanwhile, to the south, a young Spanish company, heir to another as critical as Gremlin Graphics, was savoring the honeys of success with its PC Fútbol saga, selling a lot of copies and taking up the leisure hours of the most avid consumers of games and soccer, in a perfect combination that never stopped fattening its success.

In 1996, after having successfully stormed the Italian and Argentine league, Dinamic Multimedia challenged it to go one step further, and in PC Soccer 5.0 Extension 2 it includes PC Premier, its twin brother over the Premier League.

From there I don't know what the story would be like, but I can imagine that in both countries, the respective companies saw the opportunity to do business. I imagine Gremlin remembering old moments of success, and Dinamic thinking about what is easier to enter a market as complicated as the British one if it was done by the hand of a company already established there, without doing tests that tend to be more difficult. the success that in Italy or Argentina.

As a result of the transactions that took place, whatever they were, PC Premier 5.0 became the Islands in Premier Manager 97, with the notable difference that it did not incorporate the simulator that did include the Spanish version. I will venture to say that, perhaps, it was because Gremlin already had Actua Soccer on the market. In fact, Dinamic distributed this game in our country.

And this is history. Now, if you want, you can try the game.
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