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Premier Manager Ninety Nine Total Football Management  
karnevi · 2020-05-09 · updated: 2020-05-12 · 8329 views [#1100] 
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info PC WIN 95/98 [233] 
Not Spanish
info NINTENDO 64
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Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
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developing team
Database Programming: Marcos Jourón
Programming: David Galeano, Fidel García Quesada, Jean-Michel Gonet, Enrique Sánchez, Leonardo Zayas, Daniel Aidek, Mario Raúl Carbonell, Miguel Ángel Escudero, Oscar Sánchez, José Manuel Bento
GFXWin 2 (Front end): Daniel García-Arista Delgado, Santiago Corbo
3D Engine: Jorge Valdehita, Francisco Urbano
Cameras programming: Sergio Castro
Screens and 2D animations: Alberto Moreno, Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor
3D animations and 3D Grounds: Emilio Serrano García, Alberto Gordillo Villafuertes
Database Coordination: Pablo Aranda
Database journalist: Alberto Adeva, Francisco Díaz, Óscar García, Luis Javier Moñino, Fernando Llamas, Pablo Yáñez
Additional Team Research: Sie Barlow
Sound effects: Tomás Rubio
Music: José Antonio Martín Tello
Design Manager: David Galeano, Alberto Moreno, Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor, Carlos Abril
Game Design: Daniel Aidek, Mario Raúl Carbonell, Miguel Ángel Escudero, Oscar Sánchez, Pablo Aranda, Carlos Abril
Producer: Carlos Abril, Stephen Wahid
Associated Producers: Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor, Pablo Aranda, Víctor Ruiz Tejedor
International Development Consultancy: Clive Pembridge
Testing: Steve Lycett, Eric Nilson, Stephen Blower, Asad Habib, Sam Attenborough, Sie Barlow, Ian Whitaker, Paul Whitehead, Wayne Mellors, Simon Gilman, Lee Campbell, James McCarthy
Localisation: Sarah Bennett
Manual and Packaging: Martin Calpin, Chantal Beaumont, Richard Cartwright, Kim Blake, Matt Furniss
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
As we have already told you in the files of its predecessors, Premier Manager was a game saga that began to be published in the United Kingdom in 1992, for Atari ST, Amiga and PC. Later the version for SEGA Megadrive was added.

After three consecutive editions, the saga was discontinued, until the agreement with Dinamic Multimedia led to the appearance of Premier Manager 97, , which was basically PC Premier 5.0 without the simulator.

A few months later Premier Manager 98 was published, which was an update to the season following the previous one, also taking advantage to correct some bugs.

A year or so later, and with PC Futbol 6.0 as the basis, with some elements of PC Futbol 7, the version that concerns us today appeared. It was the last in the collaboration between Dinamic Multimedia and Gremlin Interactive, as the next one, 'Premier Manager 2000', was developed and published by Infogrames, which had been acquired by the British company a short time before.

As you can see, the incursion of the mythical Spanish company was shorter than in Italy or Argentina, but it also left its mark.
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Created: 2020-05-09
Modified: 2020-05-12

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