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Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 4950 Pts
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Other version:
PC Basket 3.0
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developing team
Programación base de datos, estadística comparada y mánager: David Galeano
Simulador de baloncesto: Javier Fáfula
Documentación y base de datos: Fernando Veros
Gráficos y animaciones simulador: Emilio Serrano
Gráficos base de datos y mánager: Alberto Moreno
Digitalizaciones: Sergio G. Abad y Alberto Moreno
Música: Rubén Rubio
Diseño 3D: Sergio G. Abad
Director de arte: Dimas F. Gorostarzu
Diseño gráfico y maquetación: Benjamín Zafra
Fotografías base de datos: ACB y Gigantes
Producción: Carlos Abril y Víctor Ruiz

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karnevi · review computeremuzone
The appearance of the CD-ROM, in the mid-90s, seemed to give companies unlimited possibilities, coming as we came from games that did not occupy more than six or seven 3.5 "HD discs (1.44 MB per disk.) Suddenly, 650 MB of data was available to do whatever you wanted, and the first thing that occurred to them was to fill them with encyclopedia-like data, at least to Dinamic Multimedia. Thus titles dedicated to the work of Velázquez or 'La Edad de Oro del Pop Español' (The Golden Age of Spanish Pop), , and CD Basket, which together with an ACB basketball encyclopedia included PC Basket 2.0. This version, released the following year, included PC Basket 3.0.

Later these products would be better integrated, such as in the PC Fútbol saga, which did not have a CD Futbol, but instead went directly to CD in version 5.0.
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