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Cheman · Che-Man  
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Carátula / Cover
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Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Site: Web page
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developing team
Concept and Story: The Mojon Twins
Code & GFX: na_th_an
GFX: Anjuel
Music & SFX: Davidian
Cover Art: Kendroock
Testeo/Test: Zemman, anjuel y Octopusjig

Spectrum and Amstrad, powered by MK3_OM by the Mojon Twins, Cprslib by Artaburu, Phaser Engine by Shiru and Arkos by Targham
NES powered by MTE MK1_NES / AGNES v1.0

Este juego no sería posible sin las invaluables aportaciones de Augusto Ruiz, Fran Gallego, Raúl Simarro y Antonio Villena.

Dedicado a / Dedicated to: Chema y Guindako
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The Story
Chemad is mad. The Gods of Metal play a gig tonight and the idea he had of printing out the wanking guitarist GIF so he could get it signed by the band hasn’t come out quite nicely. And if that was not enough, Badajoz’s seventh bio-dance group has organized a batukada festival in the neighbourhood, blocking the entrance to the concert hall.

Help Cheman collecting powwwer medallions while regaining control of the neighbourhood getting rid of all the unnerving batukadas. Don’t let a samba-reggae spoil a good riff!

The game
In order to get clearance to the concert hall, you must complete two levels with two objectives each. First, you have to smash all the batukadas jumping over them. Second, you must carry each medallion, one by one, to the powwwer totems you may find around the level.

If you touch the baddies you’ll lose a precious life, which you can regain collecting cups of coffee or collecting diamonds.

In the ZX Spectrum port you may choose WASDN, OPQA, QAOP, Kempston or Sinclair Joystick.

In the Amstrad CPC port, you may use WASDN or redefine the keyboard as you like.

In the NES port, move around using the D-PAD and jump using A. Press B near the totems to place the medallions.

Loading instructions
In Amstrad, press CTRL+ENTER simultaneously, then press PLAY, or type RUN», then RETURN, then PLAY. For the DSK version, just look for the executable using CAT, we are sure you know the drill.

In Spectrum, type LOAD «» then press ENTER. In 128K moders you may want to select «48 BASIC» before, otherwise you won’t be able to type shit and the chutney field will become corrupted.

In NES, put the cart in and dale Fran.