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karnevi · 2020-06-06 · updated: 2021-01-02 · 4726 views [#406] 
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Carátula / Cover
info PC DOS [114] 
Genre: Deportivo
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1995 Pts
Rating Votes
7 1
Puntuacion 7.0
Puntuacion 7
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
In 2008 we added DDM Soccer '96 to the CEZ database. Almost 12 years later, we have the game and the material to add to its predecessor.

In turn, we can consider USA Soccer '94 its predecessor, which in turn was preceded by PC Gol, in the distant 1993.

The story seems to be, in short, something like: we see Dinamic's success with PC Fútbol, ​​we have a simulator of that sport out there or we do it fast, and we put out something with "PC" in the name, which is selling a lot . The following year we took advantage of the World Cup and added a touch to the database, which also sells a lot ... And the following year, after the commotion formed, we improved the simulator and focused on it, a strategy that would last until 1997. One lawful strategy, on the other hand. Companies are born to make money, and if they see a niche it is logical that they take advantage of it.

The game is fun and well done. Definitely based on 'Sensible Soccer', it has small variations from the previous version, but not many. Actually, the simulator was practically the same during the five versions that appeared with different names ... Something legal too.
El zip contiene una imagen del disco original en formato IMA, así como los archivos dentro de un directorio (producto de la extracción del primero con WinImage y posterior instalación).
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-06-06
Modified: 2021-01-02

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Álvaro Hermida Correa (juego y carátulas)
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