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World Wide Rally Championship  
karnevi · 2020-07-21 · 12928 views [#322] 
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Genre: Sport
Type: Racing
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 2995 Pts
Price: DM 49,95
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developing team
Productor: Mario de Luis
Director: Luis F. Fernández
Sales manager: Eduardo Toribio
Programming: Javier Carrión, David Picón
Additional programming: Fernando Pérez, Luis F. Fernández, Jorge Sánchez
Graphic artists: Diego Ortiz, Fernando Aparicio, Eva Astorga
Intro: Javier Aguado
Menu design: Leticia Krahe, Fernando Aparicio
3D models: Javier Aguado, José Ricardo Abella
Music: Moisés Díaz Toledano, Ventura Blanco
Sound system: Juan Carlos Arévalo
Sound: Enrique Coiras
Voices: David Picón
Circuit topography: Jesús Pamplona, David Picón, Javier Carrión, Fernando Pérez, Luis F. Fernández
Beta testing: David Burgos, Carlos Doral, Fernando Neira, Nacho Lario, Miguel Cabezuelo, Alexis Canales, Juan José Gil
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Tower Communications and Digital Dreams Multimedia were no longer the tandem of yesteryear, and this is evident from the first line of the review that PC Top Player dedicated to the game. This is not my opinion; a year earlier, an 80 had been cut from PC Rally, the unofficial heir to Carlos Sainz on computers, when the former distributed the games of the latter. Something happened in between, you know, that the first lines of the review we were talking about is dedicated to skinning the game of 95 without compassion, making it clear that it was worse than this. So how did they give an 80 to that one and a 36 to the one in question?

The palatial intrigues of Hobby Press and Dinamic were reproduced in a more modest way in their underground equivalents, without the stories having transcended like those. And hey, in the nostalgic world any new information is more than welcome, so here we are to listen.

The game does not seem so bad, but one is worse at evaluating the games of the mid-90s, with polygons here and there, which never made us forget the pixelated sprites of childhood.

It is true that variety is not the strong point of the game, and that it always seems that we are driving the same car, but in a time when the best games cost around € 40-50, we are talking about a budget price. And we can't ask the elm for pears, which they did a lot with the resources that the old members of Diabolic had.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-07-21
Visits: 12928 (#322)

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