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Emilio Butragueño 2 · Emilio Butragueño II  
Erbe · Ocean (1989)
karnevi · 2010-04-13 · updated: 2021-01-21 · 47248 views [#193] 
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Carátula / Cover
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Genre: Sport
Type: Football
Distribution: Commercial
Collection: Serie 5 Estrellas
Price: 1200 Pts
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Rating Votes
10 4
8 1
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Puntuacion 6.7
Puntuacion 6.9
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developing team
Programas originales (Gremlin Graphics):
Gary Lineker's Superskills
Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!

Portada: Erbe (Fernando San Gregorio)
Pantallas de presentación: Erbe (Manuel Gascó)
Versión MSX: Erbe (David Brioso Santos)
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Since the beginning of Computer Emuzone, many of you have asked us for the non-presence of this game in our database, and the answer was always the same: it is not actually a Spanish game.

However, the thoughts may change, and this has been the case.
The case is similar to El Mundo Perdido, the Spectrum version of "People from Sirius" (U.S. Gold), with a new loading screen, cover, name and music.
Topo then programmed the MSX version.

Emilio Butragueño 2, meanwhile, is the union of two games performed by Gremlin Graphics, "Gary Lineker's Superskills" and "Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!"
What reasons might have Erbe to launch these two in a single game?

On one side was the launch by Dinamic, Topo top rival, of Michel Futbol Master + Superskills, a more complete game than the original Topo's Emilio Butragueño Futbol!.
Remember that this first had been published the previous year and its popularity, of course, had been reduced. In addition, it was an extremely simple game -but very fun-.

On the other hand, Lineker had been popular in our country at a time when he played at FC Barcelona, but this had been several years before and the popularity of Butragueño was much higher at the moment.

So Erbe probably thought that they were killing two birds with one stone: they released two games they did not trust as a blockbuster and made direct competition to Dinamic once again.

"Emilio Butragueño 2" was finally a product below Michel Futbol Master, but it's sure they sold a lot more than if it would be published in its original form.

I am extremely aware of the Ocean presence in the credits.
When the first part of the game was released, I thought it not make much sense, because the British company had not participated in its development, but had always thought that it could be a failed attempt to sell the game in the UK (probably under another name).
But here, with two games made by Gremlin and republished by Erbe, their presence is much more than unknown.
Ranking de versiones
Las tres versiones andan, más o menos, al mismo nivel.
La de Amstrad CPC está realizada en modo 1, por lo que el color es más escaso que en las otras dos.

Es probable que la versión MSX fuese realizada completamente en nuestro país, porque no hay constancia de que los juegos originales de Gremlin fuesen publicados para este ordenador. (nota: efectivamente, su programador fue David Brioso, autor de otros juegos y conversiones)
Author: karnevi

Created: 2010-04-13
Modified: 2021-01-21

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