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Tie Break Tenis 98' · Tie Break Tennis  
karnevi · 2021-01-10 · 8571 views [#1095] 
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info PC DOS [131] 
Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
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developing team
Autor: César Valencia Perelló
Coordinador: Jorge Rosado de Álvaro
Programadores: Luis F. Fernández, Fernando Pérez Alonso
Animaciones 3D: Pedro Pablo Aulló
Gráficos 2D/3D: Rafa S. Gago, Rafael Barraso, Carlos Cabañas, José Fernández, Juan Suárez
Música: Víctor Segura
Sonidos: Daniel Navarro Medrano
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
If the decade of the eighties is well furnished in my head, as far as Spanish games are concerned, the same does not happen with the next... And what happens to us in childhood and adolescence, we already know, leaves more mark.

But that the lack of interest in video games was growing in my case, does not mean that the professionals who were dedicated to this stopped doing it, as is obvious. And as I have already mentioned, Digital Dreams Multimedia emerged from the ashes of Diabolic, which gave us some satisfaction, only to end up disappearing once again, sometime between 1997 and 1998. World Rally , the latest game of the company, is the missing link between DDM and Hammer Technologies, the company that occupied the site of that one and Noria Works ... Unless someone corrects us, because in the box there is no mention of Hammer, but the internet is full of referrals. A bit of a mess for me, as I said at the beginning.

That said, Hammer released some quality products. You can tell that they made him want to, and that they came with the lesson learned. Gone is the era of kiosks, giving way to careful presentations and highly exportable games (already those of DDM and Noria Works, it must be said).

This Tie Break was one of them. DDM had already launched Virtual Tennis two years ago, and it is seen that someone in those parts wanted to fully immerse themselves in the world of three dimensions. To date we do not know the names of the creators of either of the two, so we can not speculate further on the subject.

If you like tennis you will like it, because the truth is that, despite certain somewhat crude movements, it is perfectly playable. Good atmosphere, nice graphics (although at that time I kept praying for the disappearance of the polygons) and a lot of fun is what awaits you.

Some time later, a second part would be launched, Tie Break Tennis 2.

Considering its release year, by the way, we wouldn't be surprised if it was one of the last games to be made for MS-DOS.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-01-10
Visits: 8571 (#1095)