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karnevi · 2021-05-22 · 10937 views [#1004] 
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Original: Phantomas 2
Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
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Puntuacion 7.5
Puntuacion 9.3
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Phantomas 2
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developing team
Programación: Santiago Ontañón Villar
Gráficos: Jordi Sureda
Música/FX: Santi Otañón
Pantalla de carga: Jordi Sureda
Beta testers: Jorge González, Atila Merino y Rubén Gutiérrez
Agradecimientos: Joseman
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
One of the iconic characters of Spanish soft, in the world of Spectrum in particular, is Phantomas. He was not just any thief, he was a robot sent from the Andromeda galaxy, programmed exclusively to steal whatever got in his way, regardless of the difficulty of the assignment.

Phantomas, the original by Enrique Cervera, was one of Dinamic's first hits. Programmed exclusively for Spectrum 48K, he went beyond our borders with Code Masters.

Enrique (Enric) had thought about the continuation of her ... Phantomas would be in jail, and his mission would be to escape from her. He was logical, but in the end that game appeared as Dustin, detached from the franchise. But someone thought that he still had possibilities with the little thief, and a game by Emilio Salgueiro ended up being that Phantomas 2 that the fan expected, and this time it would also be available for other computers.

But maybe it wasn't what everyone expected. The original sprite only stayed on Spectrum, looking totally different on Amstrad, MSX ... and the UK version programmed for C64. Yes, it was also published in the UK, and also by Code Masters, but under the name 'Vampire'. Don't look at us.

The truth is that the versions for the rest of 8 bits were, at least graphically, direct conversions of the one from Spectrum, and if you didn't have a green phosphor monitor, that was discouraging.

It must have discouraged Jordi Sureda and Santi Ontañón so much that, a couple of years ago, they scored an extraordinary remake for Amstrad CPC. One with the graphics that the Dinamic version should have had, one that took full advantage of the tremendous capabilities that that computer had.

And what if they succeeded. From the graphics and the setting to the extraordinary physical edition that they later released, the facelift and all the work behind it was - and a lot - worth it.

We can only say that, hopefully, one day they will embark on a new project of this type ... For Amstrad CPC or MSX, where Santi is an expert. Anyone is worth it.
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Está disponible también una versión para la consola que lanzó Amstrad dentro de la gama CPC+, en la que podréis disfrutar de todavía más colorido que en la versión CPC tradicional.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-05-22
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