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Fire Wind · Firewind  
karnevi · 2020-12-12 · 7030 views [#382] 
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info PC DOS [69] 
Working title: Solar Wind
Genre: Arcade
Type: Shootemup
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 2995 Pts
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Puntuacion 7.0
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developing team
Original Idea and Code: Antonio Ruiz Fernández
Graphics Design: David Díaz González, José Maria Ruiz Moreno (Spiri), Antonio Ruiz Fernández, Juan Carlos García Crespillo
3D Graphics: José María Ruiz Moreno, David Díaz González, Antonio Ruiz Fernández
Music: Miguel Ángel Díaz González, David Díaz González
Sketchs: Juan Carlos García Crespillo
Sound Routine: Juan Carlos Arévalo
Voices: Miguel Ángel Díaz González, Eva María Sánchez González, Patricia June Chapman De Diestro, David Díaz González
Thanks: Miguel Ángel (M.A.Soft), Fernando Miguel (Gámez de la Hoz), Mario de Luis García, Luis Jose Sánchez González, Agustín Campos Fernández, Antonio Jesús, Bárbara Molina Fernández, David Vilavedra Muñoz, Alberto, Yuste, Luis Soto Molina, John M. Trindle, Juan José Díaz González, All Spanish Scene
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
I remember the first time I heard from DDM (Digital Dreams Multimedia) ... It was in a Micromania editorial about USA Soccer '94, the first game that the company released and that it was a blatant copy of PC Fútbol in his presentation.

The editorial was right and right: in substance and in form ... And they were also protecting their business, which is lawful. The point is that, since then, we have heard nothing about the company's launches, which became opaque in the eyes of the readers of the legendary magazine.

But DDM continued its trajectory, under the command of Mario de Luis (ex Diabolic). The compliments were taken by Dinamic and Hobby Press, but the underdogs backed by Tower Communications, then Abeto Editorial, then nothing (I spoke of this mess in the Virtual Tenis card) continued to do their work in a low voice.

And it is that beyond the plagiarism, which continued to exist (the PC Liga had several deliveries), they also stood out for being a meeting place for old groups of the national panorama that had been left orphaned by patrons, such as Comix, who had a long relationship with Opera Soft long ago.

Another of these groups was Balance Games, born in the Amiga world and who had made the leap to PC with Supercyber. With a new name and members, they made the leap with this space arcade (as Comix had done with Delvion), using rendered graphics and a series of technical innovations that its author explained in an MS-DOS Club interview not long ago ( development tab).

These were the times to carry out these innovations, make use of the wide musical possibilities that the CD provides and, ultimately, to experiment to take advantage of the new technology.

In my case, I have already said it years ago in some remake reviews, I am a nostalgic fan of pixelated graphics, so the move to modeled graphics did not excite me too much. If you give me the choice between 'Delvion' and the one we are discussing today, I choose the first. But it is still a matter of preferences.
Antes de ejecutar el juego debéis introducir la siguiente instrucción en DOSBox (o en vuestro PC antiguo):

A continuación ejecutad el juego con normalidad (FIREWIND.EXE)
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-12-12
Visits: 7030 (#382)