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Zack Zero   
karnevi · 2020-08-20 · 9014 views [#49] 
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Carátula / Cover
Not available for Atari
Genre: Arcade
Type: Action
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 9.99€
Rating Votes
10 2
9 2
8 2
5 1
Puntuacion 8.4
Puntuacion 8.1
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developing team
Production: Carlos Abril, Alberto Moreno
Programming: Carlos Abril, Ignacio Abril, Diego Garcés Casao
Art: Alberto Moreno, Javier López Sotocasa, César Martínez Álvaro, Justiniano Romero Jimenez
Additional Art Alfredo Gutiérrez Moreno, Eduardo Nodar
Level Design: Alberto Moreno
Animation: Miles Ham, Daniel Martínez Bofarull
Additional Animation: Ricardo Puertas Mures
Concept Art: José Augusto Leote Durán
Additional Concept Art: Angel Fernández
Sound and Music: David García Díaz
Localization: Carol Micó (English), Renata Forteleoni (Italian), Diana Díaz Montón (Wordlab T&LS Localization Manager), Veronique Raquet (French; Wordlab T&LS), Thorsten Distler (German; Wordlab T&LS)
Voice Over Actor (Spanish): Lorenzo Beteta
Voice Over Actor (English): Blair Holmes
Sound Recording (English and Spanish): Joaquín Aicart
Production (English and Spanish): Marta Rodríguez
Recording Studio (English and Spanish): REC Games Sonido
Voice Over Actor (German): Herbert Lampka
Voice Over Actor (French): Joel Mayer
Voice Over Actor (Italian): Piero Grandese
Recording Studio (German, French and Italian): Peakland SL
Special Thanks: Silvia Muñoz Verdú, Sergio Abril Muñoz, Jorge Abril Muñoz, Mari Carmen de la Roca, Daniel Moreno De la Roca, Ruth Crevillén Verdet, María Abril Crevillén, Álvaro Abril Crevillén, Arturo Abril Crevillén, Tacha Romero, Gael García Romero, Ismael Mediavilla, Alfonso Valladolid Ferrández, Tomás Ledo, Pablo de la Nuez S. C., Manuel Moreno García, Javi Nieves, Adolfo Valentín Gamazo, Iván García Miranda, Silvia Domenech Terroba, Jesús Cobo Baro, Antonio Rojano, Pablo Crespo, Manuel Ballesteros, Daniel Recuero, Daniel Mackey (
Created and Developed by: Crocodile Entertainment
This game is dedicated to: our parents, our wives and our children for the patience and support they showed us during the development of this game.
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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Space adventurer (Bronze): Finishing the outside of the Nahirg's planet level.
As if you owned the place (Bronze): Completing the Nahirg's base level.
Spider killer (Bronze): Finishing the cave level.
This is getting hot (Bronze): Finishing the rock and lava cave level.
Treasure finder (Bronze): Find 5 nahirg treasures.
Frisbee player (Bronze): Killing 100 enemies with the blade launcher.
Ice cream man (Bronze): Use frozen air to freeze 50 enemies.
Toaster (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies using the flame thrower.
Avalanche! (Bronze): Use rock spikes to kill 50 enemies.
Rocky (Bronze): Use the power of your rock punch to kill 50 enemies.
Variety is the spice of life (Bronze): Kill 50 enemies using each of Zack's powers.
You can't scare me (Bronze): Killing a Nahirg general using only the blade launcher.
Nothing can stop me (Bronze): Finish the game in any difficulty level.
I feel the power (Silver): Reach Zack's suit level 20.
Archaeologist (Gold): Finding all Nahirg treasures.