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karnevi · 2021-04-20 · 1192 views [#505] 
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Genre: Board / Board
Distribution: Amateur
Contest: MSXdev'05
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Autor: Juan Manuel "Juanma" Gómez Quintana
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This time is for real... you've been told that your wife is cheating you. But now you're
going to catch her in the act... Keeping that in mind, there's nothing better than accepting
the help of the neighbours. The housewives that live in the buildings that are visited
by your wife can be a great help...

Select a window and push the trigger.

The window will be open and a character will appear. Housewives will not tell you
anything (they are indeed very discreet), but their eyes will show you the way! Be
careful, if a husband appears he will look around very angry (he may be watching a football
match on TV). You have a limited number of attempts. Once you call in an apartment, the window
will be definitely closed and you won't be able to select it again.

Once you find your wife... don't believe it's over! Some days later, she will be looking for
a lover somewhere else, and there you will go to look for her again. But she'll hide better, so
sometimes the neighbours may fail in their indications, be aware of that! And you'll have
fewer attempts...

Created by Juanma Gómez using MSX-Basic.
Tested by MSXKun.

I didn't pretend to offend anyone... so have fun with it! ;)