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Náyade Resistance Episode I  
Atticus · 2021-05-29 · 1588 views [#1414] 
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info MSX [61] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Shootemup
Distribution: Amateur
Contest: MSXDev'14 #7
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Puntuacion 7.8
Puntuacion 7
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developing team
Code & Design: Pentacour
Main Graphics: Jorge Romero
Extra Graphics: Miguel Angel Pelegrí
Music & FX: Alberto Orante
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Atticus · review computeremuzone
There must be few images as iconic in video game history as the typical spaceship moving in a horizontal scroll. There are countless existing classics, but perhaps it is the Nemesis (also known as "Gradius") of the glorious Konami, which in 1985 would mark a milestone that would be difficult to overcome, because not only did it lay the most solid foundations for this type of game, but also that influenced countless substitutes and later imitations. He even had a second half due to the great success he enjoyed. So trying to be a copy doesn't necessarily have to have negative connotations. I even believe that it has great merit to try to improve the unbeatable.

In Nayade Resistance (Episode I), the developer specialized in MSX, Ramón de las Heras (alias Pentacour), has achieved a remarkable tribute, where he exploits very well the possibilities of this wasted but wonderful 8-bit system, with a good rhythm , great music and great graphics. The truth is that it is practically a playable demo, quite brief and that remained in the development phase, but that pointed out ways to end up in a great game of killing people and that, despite its difficulty, it knows how to entertain and that I can only criticize some than another jerk in the advance of the ship and the one that has no sound beyond the background soundtrack. At least in the shooting or in the destruction of an enemy, it would have been great to hear some special effect, but removing this small detail is a very correct title.

Undoubtedly, we could have found ourselves before a great interstellar saga, but I am afraid that it will not be like that, since unfortunately the announced Episode II was never heard again ... I hope that one day Pentacour would be encouraged to resume the project and translate all his talent into a new delivery even more perfected and better.
Author: Atticus

Created: 2021-05-29
Visits: 1588 (#1414)