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Genre: Arcade / Videoadventure
Type: Action
Distribution: Commercial
Price: C:875 | D:1750 Pts
Price: £7.95/£8.95
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10 89
9 27
8 36
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Puntuacion 8.8
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developing team
Programa (Spectrum, Amstrad): Emilio Salgueiro
Gráficos 8 bits: Luis Rodríguez Soler
Pantalla: Javier Cubedo
Música: Javier y Manuel Cubedo
Versión C64: Fernando Jiménez
Versión MSX: Pedro Sudón Aguilar
Gráficos PC: Raúl Ortega Palacios
Ilustración: Enrique Ventura
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Freddy, Freddy, Freddy ... The most sought-after playboy in the universe made his appearance in the computer world back in 1987, at the same time as another Dinamic myth, Phantis (known in the rest of Europe as Game Over II).

Created by Ventura and Nieto in the comic, this character, cunning, drunk and flirt, stars in a game that has gone down in history, and that we can certainly consider cult. And not only in our country, but also beyond our borders, where he also had an extraordinary success with Imagine. A remake even began to be programmed in the UK, a project that is currently stopped.

The truth is that I can not say anything but good things about this wonderful game -well, once again saving the CGA color (not the graphics) of the PC version-, and therefore I recommend that you download all and each of the versions, so that you can see for yourself the differences between one and the other (the advertising of the game in the magazines was accompanied by screens of the four 8-bit versions, and I was always very curious to see them all, opportunity that came to all of us thanks to the emulators).

As for personal curiosities, which always exist, I will tell you that this game was given to me one day along with three other wonders: Phantis, Cosa Nostra and Death Wish 3 (Gremlin). The first, as I already mentioned in your file, I finished it the same day. The Freddy wouldn't take many more weeks.

A couple of years later, Dinamic commissioned the Uruguayan group Iron Byte (Narco Police) to produce a sequel, Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan (published outside of Spain by Code Masters, as Guardian Angel). Unfortunately, this second part did not reach the originality of its predecessor.
Ranking de versiones
Todas son sencillamente geniales, incluida la de PC [9.4], que a pesar de estar hecha en CGA cuenta con unos personajes más detallados que las versiones de 8 bits. En éstas, lo de casi siempre: más colorido (y pixelización) en Amstrad [9.6], versión MSX [9] igual a la de Spectrum [9.5] (incluso peor que ésta, porque el rayo de la pistola de Freddy en la primera parte es del mismo color que todo el escenario, y no rojo como en el ordenador de Sinclair). Eso sí, esta vez no nos podemos quejar de la versión Commodore 64 [9.3], también muy lograda -sobre todo la segunda parte-, aunque un pelín más difícil.
Author: karnevi

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