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The Punisher · 2020-09-19 · 7839 views [#1087] 
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Genre: Videoaventura
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 900 Pts
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Autor: Hirofumi Kuraoka
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
Perhaps the first thing we veterans will think of when seeing this game is Virgin's Sorcery or Imagine's Alchemist, and the truth is that it has some points in common, such as the theme or some graphics, but when playing we we realize that reality is somewhat more stark.

As soon as the game is loaded, a catchy music introduces us to the adventure, in which we will have to go through the map of the castle (with a “whopping” of 13 screens), in search of a spell that allows us to perform the spell to defeat the Forces of Evil.

The actions that we can perform are scarce, and apart from moving in the usual four directions, we can collect objects, which we will use in the stars located on some screens, to open doors or unlock accesses.

So far so good, although the approach is not exactly original, there is nothing to indicate that we cannot have a good time in this "Devil's Castle", but at the start of the game, we give it up against the programmer's expertise.

In the first screen, we already find something that will give us the guideline that we are going to sweat ink to pass the 13 screens ... a miniature witch, has no qualms about taking all our lives in one fell swoop if we dare to stand still instead to run away from her. This, unfortunately, will be the tonic in the rest of the game, together with the typical falls in which we fall over and over again until all our lives are killed, with the exception that instead of happening in a free fall, as it was In the case of Jet Set Willy, here it happens when we go down a ladder!, depriving us of the possibility of going to another place without taking more lives by hitting the ground with a trap.

Another of the "paranormal phenomena" of the game is that of the traps on the floor, in which in principle we can put ourselves on the tip of them if the part that disappears is not there, but if we put ourselves in the exact same point and the ground, they take a life from us, weird right?

If all these failures, I do not know if done on purpose, we add that game controls do what they want, the doors open when they want, and the objects are collected by chance we will have a complete manual on how to screw up a decent game in "two patás", the excuse that it is in BASIC is not valid.
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Author: The Punisher

Created: 2020-09-19
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