Aventuras en el Bosque Maldito, Las (Creativos Editoriales 1985) :: Spectrum Zone
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karnevikarnevi · 2022-05-27 19:56:53 · 2696 views [#560] 
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Language: spanish
Genre: Text Adventure, Educative
Distribution: Commercial
Collection: Astrodata 3000 #1
Series: Guss
Price: 395 Pts
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rating Puntuacion 4.5
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developing teamdeveloping team
Creación: Grupo Adén
Director Técnico: Manuel Fernández

redactorkarnevi · review computeremuzone
Also known as "El Bosque Maldito" (The Cursed Forest), this game was the first issue of the "Astrodata 3000" collection, and also the first of the adventures of Guss de Run and Enter, a half-human robot that would be your adventure partner.

Made in Basic and sold in newsstands, Guss's games were simple conversational "proto-adventures", with very limited indications, but they had an important niche to explore since this genre had not yet been barely explored in our country.

That and the digitized voice... Barely perceptible, but digitized nonetheless. Imagine the face of a nine year old boy listening to it... That was me, more than three decades ago, when the game was brought to me from the bookstore and I loaded it. A nice cover, a striking character and a digitized voice. It didn't matter that he barely reached the fourth swamp, because it was quite difficult to know what to do. What he gave me was used to load the game every x time, always amazed.

The following installments weren't available in that bookstore where I also bought Microhobby, or at least I didn't see them, but this game was enough for me to realize that something doesn't have to be good, you just have to click on it.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2022-05-27 19:56:53
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