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elric · 2020-12-05 · 1950 views [#485] 
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Genre: Educativo
Distribution: Commercial
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Autores: Pere Marqués y Sara Raena
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elric · review computeremuzone
What better way to start the year than with an educational program? So many parties full of polvorones and, above all, champagne, have made a dent not only in our Herculean bodies but also in our neurons. So get the tape ready, hit play and activate your brains we started!

The game puts us in the role of a cameraman who has a certain number of days and an amount of money to visit and film some of the most important tourist areas of the different autonomies. Depending on the level of difficulty that we set, we will have more or less money and days to carry out our mission. In addition, if we select difficulty level 3 or 4, a character will appear chasing us and if she captures us, she will steal our footage, ending the game.

We start in a community and they give us the following options:

- Mission: it summarizes our mission and the autonomies that we have to visit.

- Travel: with this option we move around the map. We must try to reach our destination as quickly as possible because every certain distance, we will have to stop at a hotel to rest and it will cost us money.

- Work: if we run out of money, this is the option to recover. If we choose this option, they will ask us a question about the community in which we are located (which community or sea limits it, which is characteristic of the area ...)

- Filming: when we are going to film, it gives us 4 options and we have to select which monument or area corresponds to the community we are in. If in the first three we do not see anything that has to do with the area we are in, we have to press "I am not interested in any" to get new places. If we fail the program it will tell us and we will lose time (something not very recommended if they are chasing us).

We have to get filming everything they send us before the days are up or they capture us. A simple BASIC game that will make us have a good time.
First published in: Recuerdos de 8 bits
Author: elric

Created: 2020-12-05
Visits: 1950 (#485)