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Charm, The (el hechizo)  
Atticus · 2021-02-16 · 4888 views [#1185] 
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info SPECTRUM 128K [102] 
Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Price: 10€
Site: Web page
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Chard, The
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Programa: Antonio Carayol Martínez (Acme)
Diseño - Música: Juan Carlos Soriano R. (Mikomedes)
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Long time ago, where the sun softly raised above the leafy forests and the day just counted a few hours. In misty, shadowy lands. Our hero, who can now be mentioned as such, whose name was then strange, Sir Oup, hanged on a gate that gave entrace to King Chardy's castle. The king had requested his presence.

After following a peasant, who took him to the king, Sir Oup found his majesty bereaved and almost unconscious, sitting on his throne but restless.

- "May you be welcome to my castle and kingdom", said the king with an exultant tone.

- "Few knights are left, and none has earned my full confidence, like you do", he continued, "The kingdom is in great danger!", he sighed.

- "All my loyal citizens and those who had sweared obedience to me, have allied with an enemy whose power is higher than mine. I am unaware of their reasons, but I guess terror on their hearts and souls must have influenced greatly, for that power comes from hell itself. And I understand that, Sir Oup". He said, "I truly understand it, but I have no more energy to fight against it."

Right then, a strong wind slammed the door, loudly opening it, and a cold burst went over the room, shriveling the little light maintained by the candles.

- "Wait no more, open that chest and take the only weapon that will allow us to be free from that evilness. For there is no sword or dagger it is afraid of. Take it and reach my faithful citizens, give them what was stolen from them and keeps them in this state of insanity. In return, I will give you anything you ask me for."

Suddenly, a dense fog covers our hero, who wakes up from a strange dream to see himself surrounded by the foliage at the surroundings of the castle. He carries a vessel with a misterous potion.

Raising the vessel to the clear sky, Sir Oup said:

"I swear by my king and my honor as a knight, I will do everything that has been entrusted to me. I will, even if it kills me, break the Charm".

This is a brand new game, based on an original from 1991. Graphics have been updated, keeping part of the original version.

Load with LOAD "" from BASIC.
An in-game menu will allow you to select language and redefine the control keys.
Original restored game from 1991. Kept intact from the original version.

Load with LOAD "" from BASIC.
An in-game menu will allow you to redefine the control keys.
Program: Antonio Carayol Martínez (Acme)
Design - Music: Juan Carlos Soriano R. (Mikomedes)

Thanks to:
Wyz and Augusto for their player and tracker. To RetroWorks Team, specially to Metalbrain, Utopian, Pagantipaco and Sejuan. Thanks for your support.