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Solstice an Equinox remake  
karnevi · 2021-04-24 · updated: 2021-10-02 · 3495 views [#93] 
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Genre: Arcade / Videoadventure
Type: Action / Maze
Distribution: Amateur
Web: Game page
Web: Love4Retro
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developing team
Program & Graphics: Jesús Chicharro
Música: Nick Monson
Help & Support: Miguel Ángel Jiménez Santana
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
'Equinox', the original work by Raffaele Cecco on the Z80 systems ('Cybernoid', 'Stormlord' ...) and Nick Jones on C64, was published in 1986 by Mikro-Gen, being immediately acclaimed by the various magazines of the sector (throughout Europe, not as used to be the case with Spanish games in those days).

In the game, a mix of arcade and video adventure, you control a dedicated disposal droid that must capture the planet Sury Ani 7. In order to achieve your mission, you must turn off the security system and clear the area of ​​radioactive material.

EL REMAKE[/ tit]

Solstice is the recent remake made by Jesús Chicharro, with the support of M.A. Jiménez and music by Nick Monson.

For this he has used the Godot multiplatform engine, with excellent results. Whether you play online or downloading your favorite version, you will find pixel art graphics that perfectly capture the essence of the original, adding the logical technical evolution.

Regarding the musical setting, it has been decided to replace the original melody, but it adapts perfectly to the hectic development of the game, providing an ideal accompaniment.

The control, meanwhile, has been modified by the introduction of the mouse, which allows reaching enemies more easily, if we manage to get to the combination of peripherals.

In short, an excellent remake that will either make you relive the good times of your youth, or discover a classic that may not be as remembered as it deserves.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-04-24
Modified: 2021-10-02

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