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karnevi · 2021-05-10 · 1273 views [#563] 
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Carátula / Cover
info SPECTRUM 128K [48] 
info SPECTRUM 128K [32] 
Genre: Videoaventura
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Price: 8,75 €/25 €
Price: £7.99
Engine: La Churrera
Rating Votes
10 1
9 2
Puntuacion 9.3
Puntuacion 8.5
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developing team
Code: José Ignacio Rodríguez (Nightwolf)
Gfx: Jarlaxe
Music and audio: John McKlain
Also participated: SyX
Project Lead & Adittional Art: Jamie Battison
Cover art (Phoenix Ware): Ric Lumb
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
The magical golden acorns are the cause of dispute between the forces of Light and Darkness. When war finally breaks out, the acorns mysteriously disappear.

The objective of the game is to find the five missing acorns and deposit them in the sacred sanctuary, for which you will have to solve various puzzles along the way.

Developed with La Churrera de los Mojon Twins, Pentacorn Quest is a beautiful game from start to finish, from its own title to the final scene, when you manage to deposit the acorns.

Its graphics are colorful and very well designed, highlighting the sprite of the protagonist, which makes the simplicity of its lines its main virtue.

Bonita is also that of McKlain, a member of 4Mhz whom I had not seen in action outside the Amstrad CPC, and who presents us with one of his usual exquisite melodies. It is missing, yes, a little more variety.

And beautiful and smooth, harmonious even, is the development of the game. Saving the obvious distances, its setting brought to mind the immersive feeling that 'Zelda: Twilight Princess' caused me. And those are major words.

An excellent game.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-05-10
Visits: 1273 (#563)

Thanks to:
Spectrum Computing (cover Jewel)
Pavero (map)
Spectrum Computing (manual scanned English)