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The Time Robbers · Los Ladrones del Tiempo  
The Punisher · 2011-03-25 · 14393 views [#775] 
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Genre: Videoadventure
Distribution: Commercial
Price: unreleased
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Puntuacion 4.8
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Autores: Paco Suárez García, Pedro Sudón Aguilar y Juanjo Redondo
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
The third game from Indescomp for Spectrum would be Time Robbers, and I say "would" because, although it was rated in Micromania, it never saw the light.

Apparently, the game is an adventure game, and I say apparently because in the beta version that have circulated for some time provided by an author, you can't do anything but move forward, jump and stir every living creature in an empty setting, with only four trees and a house.

If you look at the demo, you realize you can do something else, like taking a ride on a flying saucer and dogs? that seem horses.

The graphics are a bit bad, and is better to don't talk about the scroll (although it's a very old game, and the contemporary games were not much better in this field).

I don't know if the game would be better if they have finished it, but what has survived to this day is almost more depressing than the beta of Krom El Guerrero Invencible.
But the best of all is that, with such below-beta, Micromania was able to rate the game ... Incredible!
First published in: El Blog de The Punisher
Author: The Punisher

Created: 2011-03-25
Visits: 14393 (#775)

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