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todosAtticus · 2023-11-15 14:20:29 · 1109 views [#1542] 
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Language: english
Genre: Arcade
Type: Action, Plattforms
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1,50 €
Engine: MT Engine MK1
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rating Puntuacion 7.0
rating Puntuacion 8.5
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Codigo, Gráficos, Música/FX: Antonio J. Pérez
Pantallas estáticas: Igor Errazking
Testeo: Antxiko, Ed Verde, Volátil

redactorAtticus · review computeremuzone
Very cool title, created during the long and endless hours of confinement in 2020, in which its main author, Antonio J. Pérez (also known as Greenweb Sevilla), programmed with enormous love and very good judgment on a screen in complete phosphorite to literally leave your eyes. As it should be, since it is a free adaptation of the classic game BatMan from Sunsoft in its version for the Game Boy. Yes, you heard right! A game for the 48/128k ZX Spectrum that simulates playing on this legendary machine. Amazing, right? Well, they are the things that make the universe of retro games something truly fascinating and, really, difficult to explain for those who did not live through that glorious and unrepeatable era of the late eighties.

Bat Boy is very friendly, with very fluid movement and advancement and easy handling with the typical OPQA + Space keys for shooting, which invite you to play and make it even more addictive than it already is. it is in itself; I assure you, it will be difficult for you not to believe that you are really playing it on the most emblematic Nintendo console, except for the use of the keyboard.

Important things to keep in mind:
– Unlike other similar games, leaving the key pressed does not fire continuously, so you will have to punish the Space key hard.
– During the jump you can deploy the cape, if necessary, to plan and reach somewhat more distant targets if you double press it.
The truth is that they are elaborate details that speak of the effort and great courage behind their programming.

A wonderful game (whose physical edition is no longer available), but which you can download without problem with a small and symbolic financial contribution to its author... And in two versions, one for 48K and another with a larger load for 128K, whose The only difference is the excellent soundtrack that accompanies you and that varies throughout the game in its charming 6 phases for the second case.

Do not miss it!!
Author: Atticus

Created: 2023-11-15 14:20:29
Visits: 1110 (#1542)

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