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PC Fútbol 6.0 Temporada 97-98  
karnevi · 2008-10-14 · updated: 2018-03-17 · 65545 views [#67] 
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Genre: Sport
Type: Football
Distribution: Commercial
Series: PC Fútbol
Price: 2995 Pts
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Rating Votes
10 92
9 17
8 4
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Puntuacion 9.0
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Historia, Base de Datos y Seguimiento: Marcos Jourón Berzosa
Liga Manager y Promanager: David Galeano
Simulador: Fran García y Pablo Ariza
Competiciones y Sistema de Comentarios: Leonardo Zayas
Música: Rubén Rubio Nielpha
Diseño: Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor (Snatcho) y Alberto Moreno (Grihan)
Gráficos: Alberto Gordillo, Alberto Moreno (Grihan), Emilio Serrano García y Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor (Snatcho)
Productor: Carlos Abril
Productores asociados: Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor (Snatcho), Pablo Aranda, Víctor Ruiz Tejedor y Pablo Ariza
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
When I was preparing to write this review I thought that the two previous versions were proclaimed as the best in the series.

The truth is that not having this one that we are dealing with has not been as much a matter of memory as the result of my own personal experience. In the year 98 we had in my house an old-fashioned team, and although we would buy one a few months later, it happened when this 6.0 had already seen the light. The result was that it was the first version of PC Soccer from which I did not acquire the original.

That said, over the years has been settling in my head that PC Fútbol 4.0 and PC Fútbol 5.0 were the best, because when I returned to buy other versions of PC Football things had changed, and much. But of course, I had skipped 6.0.

The truth is that I was surprised for the first time reading some reviews of the network. It was the first of the saga commented by Meristation, and they put it as well as Micromanía, only that at least we knew that we could trust a little more, since Dinamic was not involved for the first one.
Also the reviews that have been written remembering the game place it as one of the best, if not the best ... With all this, my perception had already changed when I went to try the game and I could see that, in fact, it is at height of the two previous versions.

The first thing that caught my attention is that it was the first game in the series that replaced the predominance of green in the game box. The previous four had had it that way, and one was used to it; but the truth is that going from green to blue, although it may seem silly, gave him an air of new product that others did not have.

Another important point where there was a huge evolution was in the simulator. Once paid the hazing of the transition to 3D, this time we could see a much better finished product (although, as I said in other files, PC Soccer simulators always left me with the feeling that they could have been better ).

The database was also subject to the annual expansion to which they submitted it, and in terms of the game modes, the America-Europe challenge was included, in which you could take control of any of the two teams, which they would be a selection of the best players from each continent (a wonder for any fan).

As a noteworthy note, it must be said that this was the last year in which the other versions of PC Fútbol (PC Calcio, PC Fútbol Argentina ...) appeared separately, since PC Fútbol 7 already included the international leagues.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2008-10-14
Modified: 2018-03-17

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