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todosAtticus · 2024-03-13 11:54:42 · 1203 views [#581] 
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info SPECTRUM [92] cassette
Language: english
Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Maze
Distribution: Amateur
Engine: MT Engine MK1
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links radastan.itch.io
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4 1
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rating Puntuacion 2.5
rating Puntuacion 7
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Autor: Miguel Angel Montejo Raez (Radastan)

redactorAtticus · review computeremuzone
This is an interesting title from the restless developer Miguel Ángel Montejo, better known as Radastán, based and loosely inspired by a well-known children's cartoon, which hit the big time among the little ones in Spain between approximately 2010 and 2018, placing one of its characters, the Flame Princess, as the protagonist of this entertaining labyrinthine proposal. For such a laudable purpose, he used one of the first versions of the brilliant game development engine for the ZX Spectrum created by the now legendary Mojon Twins, also known by the friendly nickname of La Churrera.

Basically, it's about finding the different icons that will open doors and more doors, to free your friend Finn from the evil Ice King. To do this, you have, first of all, a fairly fast and very precise movement that responds to the keys (or Joystick) like a charm, without the typical inertia effect that moves our character a little beyond our given orders, losing some control over it and that is so characteristic and exasperating in other games of this same type, which gives an idea of the good work of debugging in its programming. And, secondly, you also have 20 stones as a shot. Therefore, you should not abuse this tempting resource, unless you find yourself very cornered by the numerous enemies that you are going to encounter. And remember that you only have 3 lives, which you will lose with even the slightest touch with them before seeing the RIP message superimposed...

In short, a great game; fun, entertaining, easy to play (not easy) and with a colorful mapping of various screens between the forest, the interior of a castle and a frozen world, which you will surely finish with a little skill, a lot of patience and repeated attempts . Will not disappoint you.
Author: Atticus

Created: 2024/03/13
Visits: 1204 (#581)

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