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Rol Crusaders Búsqueda del Hereje · Quest for the Heretic  
karnevi · 2011-03-25 · updated: 2020-06-08 · 24693 views [#447] 
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Genre: RPG
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 2995 Pts
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Puntuacion 7.9
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developing team
Programa y diseño de niveles: Alejandro Luengo y Jorge Rosado
Artwork: César Valencia
Gráficos: Josete y César Valencia
Ilustraciones: Josete y Germán Alonso
Diseño: Jorge Rosado y César Valencia
Música: Ricardo Sanz, Jesús Julián, Enrique Coiras y David Tolosama
Sonido FX: Alejandro Luengo
Sistema de claves: Tizo
Manual: Jorge Rosado y César Valencia
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
At the time of the Crusades, eight men founded the Order of the Temple to fight the enemies of God.
The Templars fought with great ferocity, won great popularity, but that did not prevent the Inquisition accuse them of heresy.

Belasco, one of the Inquisitors, makes a pact with the Devil, in order to get the secrets of the Templars and the Ark of the Covenant. Your mission is to not allow him get it.

Under this argument lies an interesting role-playing game by Noria Works (Speed Haste creators), and distributed by the oft-maligned DDM, which occasionally drew more than decent products.
Being a very successful genre at that time, I think there is no other commercial game of its kind in our country, giving it an added interest.

With an introduction of static images, very pretty, and digital music, probably due to the limitations of floppy disks, does not reach the required quality.

Once we got to the game, the scans are giving way to AdLib tunes, and we have a first-person game in which we define a large number of aspects of personality and resources of our protagonist, which will be vital, as always this type of game, to bring to fruition our adventure.

If you like the role and Spanish games, you're in luck.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2011-03-25
Modified: 2020-06-08

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