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karnevi · 2001-02-05 · updated: 2020-11-07 · 58445 views [#11] 
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Carátula / Cover
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Genre: Arcade
Type: Acción
Distribution: Commercial
Price: C:875 | D:2250 Pts
PC:1990 | PCW:3500 Pts
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Rating Votes
10 3
8 3
7 9
6 6
5 2
3 3
2 1
Puntuacion 6.4
Puntuacion 7.6
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developing team
Programa: Eduardo Bellver Castañ y José Vicente Pons Alfonso
Gráficos: José Vicente Pons Alfonso
Ilustración Portada: Alfonso Azpiri
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Man, I really find Microhobby's phrase "Opera has finally hit the spot". Not because the game is bad -on the contrary-, but because I think they had already hit the nail on the head many times before -I could cite a good number of games, but I think Goody and Livingstone I guess are more than enough-.

As for the game itself, the truth is that it has an extraordinary appearance, although it is also true that it never hooked me enough ... Who knows if the reason was that many of us smelled the end of 8 bits and we only thought about buying ourselves a new generation computer, or that the difficulty was a little too high (note 11/12/2011: it certainly was, which had a negative impact on the gameplay).

Anyway, it doesn't mean that I can't hook you; in fact, it is very possible that it will, because now there are other times, and with all the super-ultraimaginative 3D arcades, it never hurts to look back.
Ranking de versiones
Las cinco versiones tienen una alta calidad gráfica, cada una aprovechando las cualidades del hardware para el que fueron programadas, si exceptuamos el habitual caso del MSX (modificado el 12/03/2019).

· SPECTRUM: Como solía ocurrir con los juegos de Opera desde que dejaron de hacer las diferentes versiones por separado, está un peldaño por debajo de la de Amstrad CPC. [7.5]

· AMSTRAD CPC: Su genial colorido la hace acreedora de la primera posición de nuestro ranking particular. [7.8]

· MSX: Es clavadita a la de Spectrum, una vez más, en el aspecto gráfico (salvo el color de Ulises en el marcador). Eso sí, es mucho más leeeeenta, empezando por la música. [6.5]

· PC: La versión PC cuenta con gráficos Hércules, CGA y EGA, siendo ésta última la que puede aproximarse un poco más al colorido de la de Amstrad CPC, aunque no consiga alcanzarlo. [7.6]

· AMSTRAD PCW (añadida el 12/10/2011): Una vez más, es calcada al resto de versiones salvo por la falta de sonido y colorido. [7.5]
Author: karnevi

Created: 2001-02-05
Modified: 2020-11-07

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