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Genre: Hability
Distribution: Amateur
Price: 4€
developing team
Gráficos: Litos
Música y FX: D-o-S (player: Targhan)
Pantalla de carga: Urusergi
Ilustración de la carátula: D-o-S
Ayuda técnica: SYX96

Gráficos: Anjuel, Na_Th_An
Música + FX: Wyz (partitura: KNM)
Beta Testers: Tony Brazil y Konamito
Hardware Tester: Beyker
Producción: Karnevi

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Puntuacion 8.64
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Amstrad CPC Making off

22/06/2004 The idea was to make a simple Columns for CPC as a part of a Assembler programming articles, after to have made a couple of exercises of drawing, movement and sprites collision .
Immediately Litos is offered and begun with the design of sprites. We began with stone designs of 1x2 characters (1 width, 2 height).

23/06/2004 Urusergi quickly prepares the display screen of the game, the one that will be the definitive one. The first test of movement of the Columns is upload. There are no sprites, the stones are simulated with numbers. There is collision detection.

25/06/2004 Litos already has created sprites of stones. The colour trowel changes.

10/07/2004 We do sprites smaller, right to half of the height so that more lines fit. Now, when pressing the down key, the stones fall fast until the end. The logic of stone fall is so that a loop is crossed the same number of times before the stone falls a position. I don?t like it, I want an independent number of movements with the cursor keys before the fall of the stone. I ask help for control time in assembler.

15/07/2004 Litos has created other visual improvements that are added. Still there is no line detection routine therefore is impossible to get points.

21/07/2004 Now is possible to make lines and get points but there is no code to down stones when a line is done. The stones of a line are deleted but the stones that are above don?t fall. We are thinking in the menu screen and in the game over warning. Litos has prepared a character set that gives to Columns a new style, different from the classic (mainly in the numbers).

02/08/2004 Aesthetic changes to the program are done. Background colour changed, from blue to black. Score levels change, new panels for the scores are created. It gives a more professional aspect to the screen. Starkos will be the definitive player for music of the game. The Menu of beginning changes and it is put in Mode 0 and with a graphical title. The web page logo appears for the first time in the game.

05/08/2004 Litos has made new menu and credits that are added. We have problems with the background music and the sound effects. The game crashes when there are sound the effects and background music. Because of this, during few days we are thinking in abandon Starkos as player but at the end we decided not to make background music during the game. We already have music of the beginning menu, a funny one by D-o-s.

12/08/2004 Game screen modified. Some things are added to enhance the game physical aspect. I have spoken with Targhan, the Starkos programmer and he gives permission us to use it in the game. The game keys are changed, before they were cursor keys, now OPQA. Because of the cursor keys of Dragon's Lair?s CPC don?t work fine.

20/08/2004 We are now with the sound effects, finally won?t be background music during the game. When doing lines the stones disappear with a small explosion. The game zone has been extended in a column, now are 6.

26/08/2004 We start to define the level change in the game. There will be a little map and 15 levels until arriving at the end of the game that we are thinking to prepare a special end. We are in contact with CEZ to add their logo in the game. We will make with them the distribution of the game so that it arrives at more people. D-o-s has designed the cover of the game and he is also developing Amstrad ESP logo.

01/09/2004 We have melodies in game menu, game over and change level, with a very professional sound.

02/09/2004 Some aesthetic changes. Intro has changed and the new logos of CEZ and Esp Soft are added.

03/09/2004 D-o-s modifies the music of level change (a better one, of course). He makes it longer.

07/09/2004 This is the last public version of Columns until the end release. Last intro is added, the Columns logo of the beginning changes. The credits change to make a reference to SEGA and Targhan, creator of player that we are using. These changes are not public but they appear in screenshots.

10/07/2004 The game has been finished awaiting the release day to publish it. The game has am end when it is played by levels but we are not going it to show it. The screen of final game is very similar to the previous one (minor changes).

loading screen (amstrad)
loading screen (amstrad)
loading screen (spectrum)
loading screen (spectrum)
menu (amstrad)
menu (amstrad)
normal mode (spectrum)
normal mode (spectrum)
levels mode (amstrad)
levels mode (amstrad)
level end (spectrum)
level end (spectrum)
normal mode (amstrad)
normal mode (amstrad)
credits (spectrum)
credits (spectrum)
credits (amstrad)
credits (amstrad)