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Pitfall ZX   
karnevi · 2004-10-02 · updated: 2010-02-27 · 29036 views [#361] 
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Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Price: 4€
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In this version of the famous Activision's Piftfall II you might control a intrepid explorer to cross a forest full of traps and dangers, and after that y más tarde enter to a deep cavern until find the Royal crown wich has been stolen.
The way is full of traps and dangers whose will make this work so difficult, so be careful where you put your feets or you'll pay for it.

The Game

It begins at the entrance of a forest full of dangers as lava pools, asassin crocodiles, rolling trunks or poisonous butterflies that you'll must avoid with skill until you arrive to the entrance of a deep cavern. There, the dangers will continue until you could find the Royal crown, completing your mission.
You have 5 lifes at the beginning, but you could obtain some more if you reach the necessary score. During the adventure, you'll find money bags whose will add points if you pick up them, to obtain extra lifes.


P -- Right
O -- Left
Q -- Up
A -- Down
Space -- Jump

The Idea

This is the third game I've finished in my new Spectrum time. Pitfall II was one of my favourite coin-ops, and I thought to program a Basic version, knowing the limited possibilities of this language. I had made a little beginning I made in 1989, and I retaked it to finish it, as I did with Castillo Maldito ("Damn Castle"), but after a few screens, I thought to view MAME with the original game, and I saw they weren't so similirar, so I decided to begin again the project.

But at the beginning I realized that I would have a serious problem because the original game has much colorful and to leave the landscapes all of a color and not to have problems with the explorer sprite it was well the first version that I rejected. Therefore I put myself to think about how to obtain that the personage could move in the end by landscapes of different color and I had an idea that I believe that, after seeing the result, it was more than acceptable solution... I was able to do sprite of the personage "transparent" using PAPER 8 and using single PAPER for the landscapes. The game consists of 24 screens (some are repeated), but has many of the dangers of Pitfall II, like roller trunks, crocodiles, the lava of the ground, etc...

It is not a very long game (most is first stage of original and something under earth) coz the memory didn't give me for more in BASIC, but by the difficulty that have some screens sure will cost you to finish it.

About the game technology

I obtained that the explorer doesn't blink so much, coz the movement is basically horizontal with jumps, although to up and down the stairs I wasn't complicated so much. When the explorer is down, the stairs rewrites all the short while so that it doesn't erase it and if you press the key to go up, he appears above and ready, there isn't much complication.

What if you will notice is that it's slow sometimes. This is because the program verifies continuously if there is ground under the feet of the personage or if it touches an enemy, but in BASIC this is something common. The screens, like in other games of mine, are each one at 100 lines of listing, and is enough with verifying if sprite is in the beginning or at the end of a screen to make a GO TO to the following screen that corresponds. I made the game in only 4 or 5 days, reason why I didn't take so much care in the graphics of the enemies, although there is assorted varying of them, as well as of traps distributed by all the game.

In any case I believe that it has been left a version that, although is not very long, is enough faithful to the original one, and been made in BASIC I believe that the result is satisfactory.

I hope you enjoy it.

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