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karnevi · 2002-09-20 · updated: 2020-12-01 · 36645 views [#256] 
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Genre: Conversacional
Distribution: Commercial
Price: PC: 3500 Pts
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Federico Alonso
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
A classic adventure for the Spanish people, in both Amstrad and PC versions. The last one was dissapeared for a long time, until october 2010, when we uploaded it, being available for first time in Internet.

Guide to load correctly the PC MS-DOS version of the game:

1. COPY PCDOS31.IMA, ACEPS.IMA, CAFAX.IMA to the folder where the executable of DosBox is installed (DOSBOX.EXE).

2. RUN DOSBOX.EXE making double clicking on the icon.

3. Whe Z> (or similar) appears type exactly:

4. You'll see it loading and after a few seconds it will ask for Vdisk (Yes / No). It isn't important if you answer Yes or No (press N). Then it will ask for time and date (press [ENTER] in all cases). After a couple or three more messages, it puts A>.

5. Now click once [CTRL] [F4] (to change PCDOS31 to CAFAX disk). Now write CAFAX and press [Enter].

6. After a few seconds it asks you to insert the ACEPS disk. At this point click once [CTRL] [F4] (to change CAFAX to ACEPS disk) and press [Enter] to accept.

6. After 10-15 seconds, you'll see another message asking you CAFAX DISC. Now press the [CTRL] [F4] (to change ACEPS to CAFAX disk) and again [ENTER].

7. Soon you'll see the pyramids. Press [ENTER].

8. After a pair of successive loading screens you could play.


A. Every time you restart the game, it asks you ACEPS and CAFAX disk, so you have to press again the combination [CTRL] [F4] one or two times depending on the prompted disc, and then [Enter] to confirm (see paragraphs 5 and 6 above).

B. To give you a clue, in the window attached to the DosBox one, every time you press CTRL F4 it will update you what is in the disk drive 0 (unit A) and which in the disk 1 (Unit B) on a cyclical basis. El Enigma de Aceps under DosBox only works with the drive (disk 0), so the title corresponding to 0 is the disk you have inserted. You have to have clear what disk have you inserted.
Ranking de versiones
Las dos versiones tienen idénticos gráficos, aunque el color es mucho más abundante en Amstrad debido a las restricciones de la tarjeta CGA.
Por su parte, el sonido también es mejor en la versión 8 bits, así que queda claro cuál de las dos está por delante.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2002-09-20
Modified: 2020-12-01

Visits: 36645 (#256)
(since 2009-06-29)
Thanks to:
Artaburu y Amstrad.es (solución Amstrad)
Agamenon3 (solución PC)
Álvaro Hermida Correa (cover PC)
The Clonner, Ripshaw8080; Neville (game PC DOS)
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