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Genre: Deportivo
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 3995 Pts/24€
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EQUIPO DE DISEÑO: Marcos Jourón, Pablo Aranda, Javier De Juan, Sie Barlow.
PROGRAMACIÓN: F. García, X. Martínez, D. F. Bleda, M. Bustos, F. Urbano, D. García, S. Corbo, L. Zayas, C. Rodríguez...
GRÁFICOS: N. Vicioso, R. Moreno, Mónica Agudo, Eva Gil, S. Colomo, D. Fernández, P. Roldán, Ester Agudo, M. Laguna
BASE DATOS Y DOCUMENTACIÓN: A. Adeva, J. Del Valle, O. García, F. Llamas, R. Molinelli, F. Veros, M. Muñoz...
INSTRUCCIONES: Martín de Vidales
MÚSICA: Víctor Segura
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
The last of the series created by Dinamic Multimedia. They were years and years of enjoyment, addictive careers in the clubs and stadiums, continuous development of extensions, advertisements, nerves ... After it, a three year hiatus during which the franchise failed to recover from all, what we'll discuss in future game cards.

"PC Futbol 2001" failed to take flight up after it's predecessor of 2000. As we have said ad nauseam, at the time Dinamic could only hope for a miracle that never came, and the release of this version (its flagship product) and "La Prision -The Prison-" (his most ambitious project) ended up giving the coup de grace.

"PC Futbol 2000" had obtained the lowest ratings of the series: A product that was hanging frequently and in which the simulator, not the manager, had no quality, had made things very difficult for a company that was experiencing serious difficulties; it was assumed that the 2001 version would remedy all failures, and there were high hopes. What was the outcome?

The truth is that there was an evolution ... For better. But on the other hand, it was insufficient. There was a more realistic and playable simulator, but it was still light years ahead of the great masters of the scene. For its part, the manager remained good, very good, but other products had appeared on the market and had been eating the ground, so even now it couldn't claim to be the best in this section.
The magazines ratings were not as hard as with its predecessor, but still were not so good.

Really, and is a personal opinion, I do not think everything is reduced to a matter of quality. It is also possible that after so many years of releases, updates, patches and extensions, people had begun to be a little bored with this game, don't know.
Sure you can reply me, and not without reason, that FIFA, PES, NBA and other sagas are still sold each year. Don't argue. :)

The memories of my brother are always more vivid than mine in terms of relatively recent PC games -he's younger and lived the scene a little later than me-. He was a big fan of the series and he liked this one a lot... I say that if it helps you when you decide to try it.
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