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Carátula / Cover
info SPECTRUM [3487] 
Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Price: 4€
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Puntuacion 7.6
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Programado por: Sergio Vaquer (Beyker)
Caratula: Kendroock
Producción: Karnevi

(c) Beyker Soft 1989-2005
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You are Bill Boliche, a little smiling ball.

You were in your home when, suddenly, a depth dream got you.

When you awoke, you found yourself at a castle. Without knowing more, you decide to escape anyway, and to know what is happening to you.

But... Could you escape alive from these Damn Castle?

The Game

Control Bill through the multiple screens that compose the Damn Castle in order to find an exit. Use the handles to drive drawbridges. Throughout the route, you'll find some keys of different colours wich open their respectives doors; but be careful, if you have a key and you take another, the first one will return to its original position and you might go back to take it when you need.

Look for an special item with question form in order to be able to dive in the water; otherwise, you'll die if you touch it.

Be careful, because there are a pile of dangers distributed by the castle. And don't stop swimming when you are in the water, or you'll sink little by little.
At the begin you have 5 lifes, but you could find some more into the different rooms.


P > It moves Bill to right
O > It moves Bill to left
Q > Jump being out of the water / In the water, to swim upwards
A > In the water, to swim downwards

loading screen
loading screen
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