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Igor: Objetivo Uikokahonia
Igor: Objective Uikokahonia  
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Genre: Aventura Gráfica
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 6990 Pts
Site: Web page
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Puntuacion 8.9
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developing team
Historia y diseño: Ramón Hernáez, Miguel Ángel Ramos, Felipe Gómez y Rafael Latiegui
Programación: Ramón Hernáez, Miguel Ángel Ramos y Felipe Gómez
Fondos: Carlos Veredas
Animaciones: Rafael Latiegui
Música original y arreglos: Esteban Moreno
Producción música digital: AGP Digital
Efectos de sonido y dirección de voces: Luna Faraco
Productor asociado: Pablo de la Nuez
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The Spring

After the cut-scene, walk left onto the bridge. TAKE the note from the ground, and then LOOK at it. Head left onto the map screen, then click on the Student Dormitory.

Student Dormitory

TAKE the cds from the cabinet near the window. OPEN window, and go out of the window. Enter window on the right.

Walk into the dark area, On the wall there is a nail. Try to TAKE the nail, and then LOOK at the nail. Go back to the window to look outside (hee hee). OPEN trunk near window, then LOOK at trunk to get hammer. USE hammer with the nail in wall. LOOK trunk again to get a pick, then USE pick with small crack (where nail used to be). LOOK trunk again to get dynamite, and USE dynamite with the crack. TAKE butterfly net (hard to spot) from the pile of old junk. In the dark area on the far right, there is a shelf. You can't see it, but the cursor tells you it's there. LOOK at the shelf to get some matches, then USE matchbox on dynamite in the wall. Walk through the hole in the wall, and you will find yourself back in your dorm room. Walk to door at the bottom of the screen. Now go to the faculty.

The Faculty

Walk to the front door to enter the building, and then pick anything to say to Laura. Head right, and TALK to Margaret. OPEN the door of the physics room and enter. LOOK at the papercase (bin) to get the note, and then leave the room. Head right (past the lockers), then head right again into the janitor's room TALK to Tobias about everything. Leave the room, and head back to the stairs.

Go left to the big statue, then go left again and TALK to Caroline. TAKE her folder from the bench. Head back to the stairs, then walk up to the next floor.

TALK to Johnny if you want, but he is too scared to answer you. Head right (past Sharon and Michael), and enter the library. TALK with Harrison about about everything. GIVE the note (you got it from the bin in the Physics room) to Harrison, then leave the library. Head back to the stairs, then keep going left until you reach the lab. Enter the lab and TAKE laboratory instruments from the cabinet. Now leave the lab and return to the stairs.

Go down the stairs twice to leave the building. Philip and Jimmy are standing here, talking. USE Caroline's folder with Philip's folder to switch them. Now LOOK at Philip's folder to get the combination for his locker (85352). Enter the building again, and head right to the lockers. LOOK at the lockers to discover Philip's is on the right. OPEN the locker. TAKE a bottle of whisky, and then USE your flask with the bottles. CLOSE the locker. Return left to the stairs, and exit the building. Walk up the patch, and return to the map screen. Watch a funny cut-scene. Now go to the park.

The Park

LOOK at the tree, and then TAKE some resin from it. Walk left, and TALK with the old woman to learn that she has lost her cat. Now leave the park and go to the church.

The Church

Notice the lizard at the doorway. LOOK at the stone it was on, then USE some resin on it. Now enter the church, and walk right. LOOK at the candles on the altar on the right, and light one by USEing the matchbox on them. Now leave the church and go up the path to the map screen. Go to the administration building.

Administration Building

LOOK at the trashcan to get a bited hamburger. Walk left, to the side of the building. LOOK at the drainpipe, and then TAKE the slug from it. LOOK at the window, and note the hole below it. USE your butterfly net with the hole. Now return to the front of the building, and enter it. OPEN the door on the left and enter. You must CLOSE the door before TALKing with the Dean (about everything.). GIVE bottle of whisky to the Dean. Leave the room and exit the building. Head left and TAKE the empty bottle from the butterfly net. Now head right, and return to the map screen. Go to the faculty.

The Faculty

Go up the stairs twice, and head left to the boy's bathroom. OPEN the door and enter the bathroom. USE your empty bottle with the faucet to get bottle of water. LOOK at the grate in the floor (on the left), then USE slug with the grate. Watch a short cut-scene. Leave the bathroom and go down one floor. Head left and enter the ladies bathroom. LOOK at the sinks to get a bobby pin. Now leave the faculty and return to the administration building.


Enter the building and go into the Dean's office (door on the left). GIVE bottle of water to the Dean. Leave the office, then re-enter. TAKE newspaper and LOOK at it. LOOK at books, and then TAKE books. OPEN the book to get a key. USE intercom on the desk and say anything to the secretary. Now leave the office and enter the secretary's room.

In the secretary's room, OPEN the filing cabinet, and you will enrol yourself in the biology class. USE bobby pin on the closet, and TAKE the monkey costume.

Now leave the room and leave the building. Return to the faculty.

The Faculty

Enter the building and go upstairs to the second floor. Head right and enter the library. You need to find some astronomy books, so LOOK at all the books until you find astronomy. TAKE books to get an astronomy book. LOOK at your book to get the co-ordinates for Galaxy MJ-78 (declenicion = 74, Straight Acension = 207). Leave the library and return to the stairs. USE the key ring (from the secretary's room) to unlock door to the astronomy observatory, and then enter. LOOK at the control panel, and enter the co-ordinates from the astronomy book. You will witness two men talking. Go down to the first floor, and head left to the girl's bathroom. USE your vellum (scroll) with the hand dryer, and the heat will make the vellum readable. Now leave the faculty and go to the church.

The Church

Enter the church building, and walk right. Go up the stairs to the bell. LOOK at the bell to get the note (password). Go back down the stairs and LOOK at your vellum to get some roman numerals (I, III, VI, II, II). Now LOOK at the mosaic, and press the buttons in accordance with the vellum numerals. Enter the secret passage. Here we have a horrible maze to get through. I have made a map, and shown this as a separate file, and I also give directions here of how to get through it.

When you enter the maze, go right 3 times, go up twice, go left twice, go up twice, go right 3 times, go down 4 times, go right twice, go up 4 times, go right once, go down 4 times, go right 5 times, go up 4 times, go right 5 times, go down 4 times, go right twice, go up 4 times, go right 3 times, go down 5 times, go left once. You have cleared the maze!

After the maze, walk up the path to the map screen. Go to the cemetery.

The Cemetery

TALK to the gravedigger about everything. You will find out he likes T.P.L music, so GIVE him your T.P.L cd. He will now let you TAKE the vase. Leave the cemetery, and go to the forest.

The Forest

LOOK at the red flower, and then TAKE the flower. Head left to the lightning bugs. LOOK at the bugs to discover they always follow the leader. USE red flower in the vase, then USE vase on the leader bug (it has to be the leader bug, not the group of bugs.). Leave the forest and go to the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse

TALK to the man about everything, and he will tell you his light is broken. GIVE him your vase of lightning bugs, then watch a short cut-scene. Return to the cemetery.

The Cemetery

TALK to the gravedigger. Tell him you want to visit a grave. When he asks for the name, say 'Old John O'Callahan'. Now you can enter the cemetery. LOOK at the shiny thing (statuette), and then TAKE it. Now leave the cemetery, and return to the secret passage. Work your way back through the maze into the church, and exit the church. Watch a funny cut-scene. Now return to the park.

The Park

The old woman is still looking for her cat. USE the bited hamburger with the lizard, and then GIVE fat lizard to the old woman. She will think it is her cat, and reward you with a firecracker. Leave the park and go to the spring (top right).

The Spring

Head right and LOOK at the photographer.

TALK to the photographer about everything. GIVE him the firecracker, and then TAKE camera. Leave the spring and go to the faculty.

The Faculty

Enter the building, and head up to the second floor. Go right, and enter the chemistry room. TAKE pen from the desk, and then leave the room. Go back down the stairs, and head right to Margaret (with the sandwiches). USE Philip's note with the sandwiches, and you will automatically 'spice it up'. Head back upstairs and go left to the laboratory. Enter the lab and watch the cut-scene.

Head all the way right, and enter the library. GIVE the photo to Harrison, and he will give you his biology homework in return. Leave the library and return to the stairs. Go down the stairs, and head right to the janitor's office.

Enter the office. GIVE Tobias the reward money (to pay for the biology trip), and GIVE him the biology homework. Watch the cut-scene. Now head right, go down the stairs, and leave the building.

USE monkey costume with the cage. TAKE parachute from the crate on the right. USE latch on door, then USE parachute to jump out of the plane.

Now sit back and enjoy the ending.