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Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Commercial
Price: £1.99
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developing team
Programa: Enrique Cervera
Portada (versión española): Alfonso Azpiri

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Phantomas viene de muy lejos, de la galaxia Andrómeda. Se le programó exclusivamente para robar y saquear.

En la piel de Phantomas, tu reto es encontrar un tesoro escondido en la mansión de un millonario.

Para hacer esto primero has de viajar al planeta clónico Tierra-Gamma y encontrar la mansión, utilizando vehículos espaciales, aviones y helicópteros.

Una vez en la mansión, tienes que evitar las trampas, enemigos y peligros ocultos.

Luego pasas al mundo subterráneo, donde hay cosas extrañas encerradas en las criptas...¡¡¡¡BUENA SUERTE!!!!




Phantomas (Codemasters)
Typed up by Blughes

Phantomas comes from a long way off - the galaxy Andromeda in fact. He was programmed only to rob and plunder.

As Phantomas your task is to find hidden treasure in the millionaire's mansion.

To do this you must first travel to the clone planet Earth-Gamma and find the mansion, using space transporters, planes and helicopters.

Once at the mansion you must be very careful to avoid the traps, enemies and hidden dangers - including boulders which chase you.

You then pass on to the Subterranean World where there are strange things locked in the crypts. . . .


Use the cursor keys to choose the controls, then press ENTER.

1. Kempston Joystick.
2. Cursor Joystick.
3 Interface 2 joystick.
4. Keyboard (Redifinable)


Historical Background
The scientific bas or Gurnar on the planet Omega in the galaxy Andromeda was in a state of feyerish activity.

The program for the development of mutants had been a great success and the computer for mass reproduction had created the first Phantomas - a mutant specialising in robbery, plunder and village. This being, with an exceptional gift for eluding capture by his enemies, was going to be used in the sidereal battle of the red moons of Alpha Centauri.

Everything would have been a great success, but the security systems failed spectacularly and Phantomas escaped from the cybernetic control linking it to the computer. The photonic alarms were useless, the guard dogs could do nothing to prevent his flight.
Leaping over all the laser alarms Phantomas finally reached the freedom he had sought for so long.

Free, and no longer subject to any program of mind control, Phantomas gave himself up to his natural instincts, throwing himself into a career as a professional thief with the sole aim of amassing riches.

The Situation of Phantomas Today
After learning in the pages of the Galaxy News on the existence of a huge treasure on the clone-planer Earth-Gamma, Phantomas has decided to become rich.

After travelling through hyperspace for many light years, out sidereal theif has finally reached his destination and begins his search for the mansion where the miser-millionaire Goldter has hidden a treasure accumulated over centuries.

The mansion is an impregnable fortess built so that no one could steal the treasures to be found within its walls.

It consists of three main parts;
1) A special base with craft from different periods - helicopters, planes, rockets, etc.
2) The Palace itself, full of traps, enemies and all kinds of danger
3) The Underground World, where the millionaire's associates are locked up in crypts.

Ways to rob The Treasure
You must get hold of a strongbox hidden somewhere in the palace. To get it you must throw 36 levers, found in the labyrinth of the palace. When the alarm sounds you will know you have succeeded.

You must also get the jewels which are hidden in the caves. Goldter keeps them in an armour-plater chamber which cannot be entered without solving the riddle:

"If you wish to enter where the jewels
are and you have no fear of the dark,
seek the sun which blinds all eyes.
Advance without rest until you reach
the yellow and there where fatigue
drains your strength you will receive
our reply as the tree gives its fruit
without knowing who will pick it when
it is ripe."

But your difficulties do not end here. After entering the chamber the door closes behind you. The only way out is by using the clues in another riddle!

"If from the trap you wish to escape,
you must fight with ?? and fire, seek
the hidden door and with the firing of
your stength fresh air you will not find."

Phantomas has fond what he was looking for, his struggle has been rewarded. However, his profession is full of surprises and at the last moment something unexpected happens. . . . .

What nightmare awaits Phantomas at the end of his adventure? Only the cleverest will see the danger hanging over him.

This program including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of Codemasters Software Co. Ltd. and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any
means, hired or lent without the express permission of Codemasters Software Co. Ltd.

Design & Artwork - NIGEL FLETCHER