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Genre: RPG
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 3995 Pts/24€
Site: Web page
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Puntuacion 8.9
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developing team
Toni Pomar Rosselló (GMSobakus): Programador de servidores y cliente de juego.
Juan Gabriel Covas Egea (GMSoNNy): Programador de herramientas y diseño de contenidos.
Iria Rodríguez López (GMReina): Atencion al cliente y webmaster.
Miguel Ángel Carrillo Guillén (GMZeen): Artista gráfico.

Éste es el equipo actual (todos son miembros del original).
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
When "La Prision" (The Prison) was released, online games were not common. We had "Ultima Online", an ambitious project launched by Richard Garriott, and some others, but the boom of "World of Warcraft" wasn't yet a reallity. "La Prision" sought a niche in this nascent market, and do so by using the advantage that there was nothing like it in Spanish, which could guarantee a large group of users who had not come to these modes of play for their lack of English.

At first, it seems that the game was not meant to be online, but an adventure game in which several players could play in net. But the project manager was fired just seven months before the release date, and the project took a 180º turn towards the aforementioned online play.

In addition to the 3995 pesetas (24 €) that cost -you had two months of free connection-, you had to pay about 1000 (6€) more per month, although you could make a single payment of 8000 pesetas (+-50€) to enjoy it all year. As what I've read, this was much less than that paid for other similar games, so it should have been an incentive for people to be immersed in the prison scene, full of intrigue, shady and escape plans.

What happened? Dinamic Multimedia had huge financial problems and things were not as good as before. The Ruiz brothers had left the ship to found FX Interactive, along with their closest collaborators, and in the company all were rushed and mistakes.
The game was released unfinished, and with a huge amount of bugs; moreover, the connections to the server seemed to fail often. You just had to take a look at the magazines to think twice before buying the game.
There were released patches that solved some problems and were adding new features, but the death sentence for the Madrid company was already signed.

However, the game did not die with Dinamic. The French company Cryo, very active in those days, aquired the game and gave it a facelift, while attempting to project internationally. I don't know the success they had with the game, but Cryo ended up falling into bankruptcy.

Currently, although you may think it seems incredible, the game is actually running (you have the link to the website on the top), being in charge of the company Serving Online Worlds, SL. The actual version is 7.3, and is supposed to be improved a lot since the days of Dinamic. If you are curious, you know what you can do.
En 2018, los servidores cerraron sin previo aviso, y sus responsables manifestaron su intención de no revivirlo. Tras un largo periplo y varios cambios de equipo, el juego llegaba a su fin.
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