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Olympic Games 92 · International Athletics  
karnevi · 2010-06-17 · updated: 2012-02-13 · 36091 views [#291] 
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Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 4995 Pts
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Programa: Juan Carlos García, Íñigo Ayo, Rafael Fernández
Gráficos: Kostandin Igor Ruiz López, Alexis Ruiz, Miguel Kuskritz y Jesús Casado
Sonido: Ángel Zarazaga
Ilustración: Alfonso Azpiri
Producción: J.C. García y Kostandin Igor Ruiz
Dirección: Juan Carlos García
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
We've talked a lot of times about the crisis of the Spanish soft in the early 90s, so we will not reiterate once again.

What I have to say is that this Olympic Games '92 is one of the clearest examples of the time. Opera, like all others, large and small companies, had managed to be surviving with licenses and sequels of mythical games, published for all possible systems (almost never to C64, sometimes for the Atari ST and Amiga). But it was clear that the 16-bit market won't explode in Spain, and that attention had to focus on the PC.

Opera created a couple of seals, as was Opera and Opera Sports Plus, to weather the storm. If I understand correctly, the game was the only published under this label, in what seems a desperate attempt to stay on the market.

The truth is that, as some will remember, the game wasn't a success. Although its review in Micromanía (the most important magazine in Spain), it was encompassed in a special articles about the games based on the Olympics, which helped to pass unnoticed. Nor had advertisements, which gives us an idea of the state of the coffers of the company.

The game is complete and has quality, but far from the technical developments that had already been achieved in those years.

The graphics are handmade, except some digitized pics, which include the influences of what was used to be in those days, as the gradients of the heavens seen after the stadium.

Music is not bad, but is extremely repetitive, and after a while we want to take up the volume, because we won't also lose the sound, which, moreover, is not very remarkable (just the steps from the athletes).

The gameplay is simple ... We have to stop the power bar as high as possible, so that the protagonist has the maximum possible speed, and repeat the process some times ...

The result, as I said, it's good, but also sad, because this is the last game appeared under a brand that had given us so much joy in the past.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2010-06-17
Modified: 2012-02-13

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