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info PC DOS [2744] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
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developing team
Autor: José Luis Castaño (Na_th_an)

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Puntuacion 8.85
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WOPR2K Presents...



This game contains some pics showing nude women in manga style. If you are offended by such pictures please don't play this game and delete it as soon as you can.

Just before you start...

This game is a Quick Basic game, this is: It is a 16 bit realmode DOS program. In most cases (in this case) it implies the user of low-level operation with I/O registers, DMA, and calling or setting interruptions.
This means that this game CANNOT be run (it won't work) on a system with a "so protective" operating system, this is, Windows NT or Windows 2000.
Fortunately I've been told that the game works fine on Windows ME.
Windows 95 and Windows 98 run this program from within a DOS box without any problem. MSDOS 6.22 is not tested, but it alwayz work ;).

You're likely to hear fuzzy sound at 22KHz and have MIDI being not correctly timed if you run from within a DOS box in Windows 95 / 98.
To avoid it reboot the computer, press F8 when the screen reads 'Starting Windows 9X' and then select Option '5' to boot in pure DOS. The game gains performance in DOS mode, specially in older computers.

This game also requires EMS. If the game don't run, please look your CONFIG.SYS file (located at C:\ root directory). It should contain two line like these ones:


If CONFIG.SYS doesn't contain these lines, add them. You won't break anything and you can always remove them if you have (unlikely) problems.

If the EMM386 line contains the parameter NOEMS remove that parameter.

If you get 'Out Of Memory' Errors, refer to the last paragraph.

Configuration issues:

The good news is that the game works with or without a sound card. The bad news is that the only soundcards this program works with are DMA Sound Blasters (it is, Sound Blaster 16 and above, not tested with older cards). It also works with clonic cards or fully compatible modes.

The first thing you must do is to configure the game soundsystem. It can be easily done by executing SETUP.EXE. From within this program you'll be able to especify:

* if you are using SB for digital sound or you want no digital sound.
Also you can specify the Mixing Rate. If you have a slow computer it will sound *better* if you use 11025 Hz (I'm talking about computers under 233 Mhz). Always use 11025 Hz if you're running from within a DOS box in Windows. It sounds better 'cause in 22050 Hz mode the sound engine lost sync very often when playing from within a DOS box.
* if you are using SB for MIDI music or you want no MIDI music. Here you have more than a choice: The driver is different for old SBs 16 without wavetable and for newer AWE32, 64 or 128PCI. If your card is a plain SB 16 or compatible, just select "No wavetable". If you have a newer AWE32, 64, 128PCI or LIVE (or newer) select "Wavetable".

SETUP.EXE lets you especify the game keys. If you don't change anything, the key assignments are the next:

* Left & Right:Movements (left and right ;).
* CTRL: Fire a blob.
* ALT:Jill jumps.
* Up: Enter shops.
* P + H: Exit fase without ending game.
* ESC:Aborts game.

In shops:

* Up, Down: Choose
* Enter, CTRL: Select
* ALT:Exit

Yes/No questions:

* CTRL: Yes
* ALT:No

Special keys specified in the game. For the sake of clarity.

Running the game:

Just run JILL.BAT. If you cannot find that file, you must run SETUP.EXE to create a suitable one for your configuration (see above).

The game opens with the must-have message (!). Then it asks you if you wanna see the intro. If this is the first time you run it, I advice you to read it. If you don't, you won't know what is this game about.

On the title screen you can do three things: Play (ENTER), Read help (H) or Exit (ESC).

If you tap ENTER you'll pass directly to the level selection screen. The levels are grouped in three courses:

+ The Forest Realm
+ The Desert Realm
+ The Clouds Realm

+ The Glass Realm
+ The Iceland Realm
+ The Firelava Realm

+ The Castle
+ The Hristian Tower

On the first two courses you can play the levels in any order. Once you've finished the three levels you'll be able to travel to next course. On the last course, you play The Castle and then The Hristian Tower.

To select each of the three levels just press 1, 2 or 3. You can see which levels are finished on screen (CLEAR or GO!). When you clear the three levels you can travel to the next course, just tap ENTER.

ESC returns to title screen.

If you wanna save your state just press 'S' and then select a slot (A, B or C). If you wanna load press 'L' and select and slot (A, B or C). If you wanna clear the slots execute SLOTS.EXE.


Know problems:

The game goes faster in my AMD K6/2 500 MHz than in my friends' AMD K7 1 GHz with GForce!!!! This is weird!!! I got full framerate on a 300 Mhz.
I coded this in a 233 Mhz and it freezed a little somehow but it was fully playable.

There isn't any know problems. The game now uses DirectQB, It got a speed increase of 200% in my 233 Mhz (Getting full 60 fps rate!).

The soundsystem makes a WinNT system to crash.

Revision Story:

Version 1.0: November, 2001 - Coded with no GFX libraries using SCREEN 7.
It is slow in my 233 but runs fine on most computers. The problem is that the soundsystem crashes very soon in weird configurations or modern windozes.

Version 2.0: 18 December, 2001 (my Birthday!) - I completely adaptated the GFX, sounds and code to the DIRECTQB library. It fixes many weird things the game did in some computers and increases the speed (200%!).
I've worked many hours looking at the code line by line and replacing the sound and graphic instructions with DQB function calls... It has been exhausting. I really hope there won't be more versions... ­AARRFFF!

Final words:

Play it till you finish it. And if a jump seems impossible: It is not. When you finish the game I'll tell you how to find the three secrets hiden...
Or do you want to find them now?


QMidi library by Thomas Laguzi
DirectQB library by Angelo Mottola

(C) Nathan @ Wopr2K
Jill Homepage:
Wopr2K homepage:

PS: I know that this is useless but, if you liked the game... Please write. Also I'll give the complete source code to anyone who requests it and tells me what he or she wants it for.

Addendum: Memory issues (you're not likely to have problems, but in case...):

In case you get a 'out of memory' error, this is what you have to do:

1. Open a DOS box.
2. Insert a diskette in A: drive (it should be empty).
3. Write: FORMAT A: /S /Q and press enter. This will format the diskette and will copy the system files to it.
3. Write: SET
You'll get a list of the current environment variables. Look for one which reads 'BLASTER = ' and then some letters and digits. Write them down (the letters and digits).

4. Write: A: and press enter.
5. Write: EDIT AUTOEXEC.BAT and press enter.
The DOS editor will start. Write this text and save it. You must replace the ????????????? with the letters and digits you wrote down:
@echo off
SET BLASTER=????????????????

6. Exit. Write: EDIT CONFIG.SYS and press enter.
The DOS editor will start again. Write the following text and save it:

devicehigh=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE RAM
devicehigh=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\display.sys con=(ega,,1)

7. Now you have a boot diskette. Now reboot without removing the diskette from the disk drive. The computer will boot from the diskette and you'll be able to play. Switch to the directory where the game is and you're done. When you want to return to Windows just remove the diskette and reset the computer.

Problems? Write me! or leave a post in VPlanet forum. I always read it.
Nos vemos!