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Working title: Phantomas 3
Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
developing team
Base programming: na_th_an & Phobeous.
Special FX and additional code: na_th_an.
Graphics: na_th_an over base work and designs from na_th_an, Phobeous & Ethan.
Music: Phobeous & P.Weinx.
Additional music: na_th_an.
SFX: Phobeous.
Design and concept: na_th_an & Phobeous.
Betatesting: CEZ Team.
Cover Art: FerryHardest

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After all, a machine will always be a machine. Software will always be software. It can be altered, reprogrammed, lobotomized... However, the main seed will always remain latent. It's impossible to alter the initial drawing, the first parametrization - delicate as a leaf, but indelible as ink - the first positrons' main orientation that started moving across Phantomas' self-constructive micro-neural network.

From sensory machine to a reasoning machine. From reasoning machine to an intelligent being. From intelligent being... to thief. The main program is still there: pick up everything and bring it back to Andromeda. That was the main mission, and although his positronic brain keeps evolving, it will never break its main directives.

A young Phantomas achieved successfully his first and unique mission for Andromeda. The trial taken at clone planet Tierra-Gamma was succesful at filling the systems' chests and at improving Phantomas' mental and driving systems. He turned into an agile, accurate and calculating machine. His brain's complexity was growing exponentially, so the main objective, the automaton's brand, was being hidden more and more. That's why when Space Police captured him during its second journey, they believed his brain was purely biological.

A biological brain can change, can be reformed. The journe to Drakul's castle seemed a good way for Phantomas to make it up with society... and to get rid of a dangerous enemy. Once again, Phantomas showcased his skills, he defeated Drakul, was given parole, and was sent to Bassard, the blue meteor.

The automaton's mark, imprisoned among the complex positronic tangle, remained latent while Phantomas lived in Bassard.

After five years, an old ship from Andromeda crashed into Bassard, near Phantomas' module. While he approached it, the robot recognized the old symbols and badges, which he believed he had forgotten long ago. The ship was empty and unusable, but its logbook was almost intact. Among unconnected passages, Phantomas discovered Universe's most yearned treasure: Pachin Poi Poi's diamond and onyx tiara, an exceptional piece that, according to the legend, was found into a meteor's core which crashed into Gaia thousands of years ago.

Pachin Poi Poi was one of Ogonshiro's four tetrarchs, a remote planet from Sirius, an impregnable place, surrounded by a satellite ring which turned impossible approaching to the planet. But no one tried to go to Ogonshiro directly. In fact, the ship didn't have that destiny in its waypoints. That meant that the ship shouldn't have crashed into Bassard, nor into any other heavenly body. The ship crashed into Bassard, so it had jumped into hyperspace from Andromeda to the space surrounding the asteroid, and that could only mean that the ship was actually making it's way towards Bassard...

Another mystery was the pilot's absence. Phantomas closed his eyes and thought... «What if...? What if they have sent this ship to give me all this information?»

He kept examining the ship's logbook. It described some portals Pachin Poi Poi had built himself to visit some allies in remote galaxy places. Unaccountably, Pachin found a way to fold the space in such a precise manner that it wasn't needed anymore to move away from the planet to avoid the curvature caused by the planet's great mass, and he used it to travel from planet to planet just crossing a gate. From Ogonshiro to the destroyed city of Agaman, in Hespartha. From Agaman to de Ekynox pyramid, in Ra. From Exynox to the abandoned capital of Salem moon. From Salem to Hassle kingdom. From Hassle to Niettemberg, from Niettemberg to Hesperya's Dandellion heights, and from Hesperya to... The Bassard Cave!.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, Phantomas knew what to do. For now, search and deactivate all twenty five Bassard gate locks, and then...

The Menu

When the game starts, you will see a menu with four options. You can navigate through the menu in an intuitive manner using cursor keys to move, RETURN to select, and ESC to go back to the previous menu (or to quit the game, if you are at the main menu).

PLAY: Choosing this option, you will see a menu with two options: choosing the first one and pressing RETURN you will start the game at the first stage. The second option will let you enter a four letter password, and pressing RETURN, if the password is correct, will start the game at the stage with the matching password.
SETTINGS: Choosing this option you will see the settings menu. In this menu you will be able to select a language (SPANISH or ENGLISH), configure the game to play fullscreen or windowed, configure the rendering with or without scanlines, and adjust the music and fx volume independently.
STAGES: Choosing this option you will see a list of custom stages that don't belong to the game main story. In a near future, the Uprising Level Editor will be released, with clear instructions to create and play your own levels.
EXIT: Quit the game.

The Game

Our goal for every stage is to activate all 25 switches and find the dimensional gate that will take us to the next one. The gate will remain closed until each and every switch is activated.

Also, there are 25 energy pods in every stage. Phantomas will lose energy every time he touches an enemy or a trap, and he will die if the energy is depleted. At the beginning of each stage, energy will be replenished.

Phantomas can walk or jump with two kind of jumps: high jump, which will reach higher, but less horizontal distance, and long jump, which will reach farther horizontally, but will be lower.

You can control Phantomas using the keyboard:



Menú Ppal. || Main Menu
Menú Ppal. || Main Menu
En juego || In Game
En juego || In Game
En juego || In Game
En juego || In Game
En juego || In Game
En juego || In Game
En juego || In Game
En juego || In Game
Menú Config. || Config Menu
Menú Config. || Config Menu