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The Punisher · 2011-05-12 · 27496 views [#268] 
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Carátula / Cover
Not available for MSX
Genre: Arcade
Type: Shootemup
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1995 Pts
Rating Votes
10 9
9 4
8 2
5 2
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Puntuacion 8.5
Puntuacion 9.3
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developing team
Code: Josep Alemany, Frank Contreras, Esteban Lazaro, Manel Soriano.
Graphics: Josep Alemany, Elias Sanchez, Israel Sanchez, Manel Soriano.
Music: Albert Colldeforns, Joan Rosell.
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
In decline of the Amiga world, a group of dreamers dared to set one of the 16-bit games with higher quality that were made in Spain, do ye not heard of him? It is not unusual, because Quasar Wars was released only in a short scale as shareware game, and the PC version, technically quite noticeable in 1996, was lost in space / time and was never published, despite be a caramel.
Would you take a look?

After tasting the first tune of the game, and choose a few things on the computer screen, we find a familiar scenario at least, to start the game, as the screen layout, the game system and even the main hall, they remind me a lot to Zigurat's Afteroids, in fact, Quasar Wars might have been a sequel as entertaining arcade.
However, in this game the goals are much more varied, in fact, at all stages to which I played, I had to do something completely different; although all are based on finding / destroying objects in the mapping, its authors managed to stage plays each other than before.
For example, in the first scenario only have to kill a limited number of enemies (as Time Pilot), the second will have two minutes to recover 20 capsules distributed across the stage and in the third, we break down some dangerous destroyers prepared to wipe off the map (I have not gone further).

Technically, the game is beautiful. Everything moves with breakneck speed and is smooth as silk, although it has not full screen. The ship has a well-timed inertia, the ideal to feel the force of gravity in our body, but without losing control of the ship, something that doesn't happen in Afteroids.
The graphics are quite detailed, although in my opinion are repeated a bit, but are compensated with some disbelief effects, such as the eclipse of the third stage (which by the way, allows us to go slightly unnoticed by the enemy radar).
The sound, a bit sparse, coz we play only with F/X, but the music between the phases are the very best I've heard in Amiga, and more when compared to those bands of crickets that are the MODs usually made in Spain for Amiga.

Something that you do not realize until you take a few games, and therefore few advanced stages, is that the intelligence of the enemies is something I have rarely seen in a game like this, where ships often follow a series of patterns, they move like zombies or as long you follow. In QW, it sometimes seems that the ships are piloted by someone because they run when we shoot, dodge our missiles, and get to the tail of the ship behind to haunt users.

Fortunately, we count all types of weapons to defend ourselves, but do not shoot like crazy, not wasting the action against the first asshole strafed us. Its authors say in an interview that QW began as a simulator, and I think things like this.

- Technically Flawless
- Very Mixed
- Music brilliant
- Playable and addictive

- No music during gameplay
- The graphics are not very different
- Almost anyone knows it
First published in: El Blog de The Punisher
Author: The Punisher

Created: 2011-05-12
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