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karnevi · 2010-04-06 · 20226 views [#252] 
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Genre: Habilidad
Distribution: Amateur
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developing team
Programa: Rodrigo Olivencia (Assembler) y Francisco Javier Peña Pareja (Utopian)
Gráficos: Rodrigo Olivencia y Alberto Moro Martínez (Bosko)
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Is the year 2034 and the Earth is running out of its orbit. Apparently, according to documents preserved of the Roman and Greek civilizations, in a place of Mars called Cydonia a robot was abandoned by an ancient civilization, which broadcasts a signal that is the cause of the disaster.
You, as an experienced pilot, must go there and destroy it.

Cydonia is a clone of Tetris. You have to do a certain number of lines in a limited time to move to the next phase. The remaining time will be converted into points, which you can redeem at the store for different items, to help you to complete succesfully your mission.

It was 1996 when this Andalusian group, in which highlights our friend Utopian -former CEZ GS and actual Retroworks member-, decided to participate in a contest organized by PC Mania magazine.
They were unsuccessful in their attempt, but now we have the possibility to take a look to the game.

On the technical side, this is a typical amateur game of those days: 256 color VGA graphics, a mixture of digitized and hand-made, digitized sound through the SoundBlaster card -the music is marches and various- and lots of illusions deposited.

There are many existing clones of Tetris. Some are good and others are less good, but I can say that Cydonia is in the first group.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2010-04-06
Visits: 20226 (#252)

Thanks to:
Javier Peña "Utopian" (material)
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