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karnevikarnevi · 2010-10-05 00:00:00 · updated: 2018-04-17 00:00:00 · 50140 views [#160] 
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Language: english
Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Commercial
Price: SP:14,95 € | MSX:19,95 €
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10 74
9 14
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7 2
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1 7
rating Puntuacion 9.0
rating Puntuacion 9.1
CEZ Original rating: 9.3 (we got over excited at first)
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developing teamdeveloping team
Direction, main code and gfx: Jon Cortázar Abraido
Storyline and scenarios: Kepa Cortázar, Jon Cortázar Abraido
Character design: Sergio Martínez, Jon Cortázar Abraido, Kepa Cortázar
Additional code: Eduardo A. Robsy Petrus (MSX), Francisco Javier Peña (ZX)
Music composed by: César Astudillo (Gominolas)
WYZPlayer, SFX and rearranges: Jose Vicente Masó
Testing: Kepa Cortázar, Javier Peña, Aratz Juanes
Illustration artist: Sergio Martínez
Physical production: Matra Computer Automations
Production tests: Daniel Zorita
Artworks: Jon Cortázar Abraido, S*T*A*R
Marketing: S*T*A*R
Thanks to: Rebeca Llaguno, Eduardo A. Robsy Petrus, Patriek Lesparre
special thanks goes to: Albert Beevendorp
Manual FiXed by: FiXato

redactorkarnevi · review computeremuzone
As they did in 2009 with La Corona Encantada, Relevo guys took the biggest retro-event in Spain -RetroMadrid-, to release his latest blockbuster, the game we'll talk about.

I don't know where to start talking about this wonder called Risky Wo ... Sorry, "Invasion of the Zombie Monsters", because if its release date had been 1988 instead of 2010, we would be talking about one of the best action arcade in the history of the 8 bits.

Beginning, and following the path marked with Alfonso Azpiri in their previous game, this time the guest star has been Cesar Astudillo, "Gominolas", the composer of the most famous melodies of the Topo Soft games.
It isn't just a nostalgic feel, because music is in itself extraordinary, but also establishes an important link with those times we all remember, giving it even more interest.

With "La Corona Encantada", Relevo (still with Karoshi) had reached the highest quality level, but in my humble opinion, it's exceeded by IOTZM. Maybe because I like less games with enemies of predefined movements tat must be overcome, perhaps because Risky Woods is one of my favorite games and it looks like its 8-bit version ...

In fact, the same Jon Cortázar-director, lead programmer and graphic designer of the game-, told me recently that the game would be a tribute to the legendary masterpiece of Dinamic, and still is in many ways, but without references he had thought putting.
Not only that, but with the engine they have created would be quite feasible to make an 8-bit version.

Anyway, the truth is that we have a great game on all technical aspects: colorful graphics, great music, smooth scroll (unidirectional, you can not retrace your steps), variety of enemies and scenarios, good response to the controls. .. That ends up in a very tight difficult and, therefore, in a bulletproof addiction (at least for fans of this genre) ... And you can notice the author's admiration for Japanese traditional software, where everything was measured to the millimeter.

But you'd better prove all this to yourselves.
We can only give a huge round of applause to these guys, and wait anxiously for their next creation.
Ranking de versiones
Tal y como ocurría en "La Corona Encantada", las dos versiones son fantásticas y sacan un gran rendimiento a sus respectivas máquinas.
No obstante, hay que destacar que los gráficos de la versión Spectrum [9.2] no son monocromos en esta ocasión, sino que nos encontramos ante una explosión cromática, con personajes y enemigos multicolores, que harán que la experiencia de los aficionados a este ordenador no se vea, por una vez, tan alejada de los del estándar japonés [9.1].

Así que chapeau para las dos.

Nota 28-03-2013: Hemos añadido la versión Amstrad CPC [9], recientemente publicada. Lo dicho para las otras vale para ésta: máximo aprovechamiento de las posibilidades del ordenador de Alan Sugar y diversión a raudales.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2010-10-05 00:00:00
Modified: 2018-04-17 00:00:00

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