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Nelo & Quqo y la Última Butifarrá  
karnevi · 2010-11-29 · 23569 views [#478] 
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Working title: Nelo & Ququi
Genre: Videoadventure
Distribution: Amateur
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Betatesters: IvanZX, TBrazil, Pagantipaco, AugustoRuiz y Retroworks team.
Pagantipaco: Portada.
Winston: Traduccion al ingles.
Utopian: Ayuda en la traduccion y adaptacion del player.
Metalbrain: Optimizacion del codigo y traduccion de pantalla de carga.
WYZ: Musica del final y WYZPlayer.
Mikomedes: Graficos y Musica principal.
Sejuan: Graficos y Programa.
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Two years after JINJ, a videoadventure inspired in classics like Saimazoom or Babaliba from Dinamic, Sejuan strikes again.

With "Nelo & Quqo" he returns to the scene, but this time sharing work with Mikomedes, who had the original idea. In fact, this idea must go back a long time ago, until early 2008. It was when they presented the project in the development forums of CEZ GS, in what was to be a computer version of the classic comic of the spanish artist Ivá, "Makinavaja." After talking the difficulties that might be caused by using a copyrighted character, the game remained for a few months in the drawer of the draft until CEZ GS came to an end and Sejuan announced that the game would continue its development.

Since then I lost track of the project, but by what you see, finally they decided to work freely in the style of Ivá, and even there were some doubts about the final name of the game, because at first was called "Nelo & Ququi." But what is really important is whether or not a good game, so I'm going to talk about.

One of the first things I said at the time, according to the first graphics, it's that they reminded me greatly the style of classics like "Andy Capp" of Mirrorsoft or "Renaud" from Infogrames ... It is a style that, at least to me, falls squarely in the eyes. In fact, I bought the first one -on tape version- after seeing its review in Microhobby, and the second was for a long time one of my goals to increase my archive of games for the Spectrum +3.

So we start with some graphics that I think are exceptional. And what's behind them? We assume videoadventures are not so common in the retro era -just remember Justin from CNG Soft-, and it just so happens that this is one of my favorite genres together to arcades where you can't stop shooting.
As a good videoadventure, your mission is to go forward screens while solving different problems, so you have to make use of found objects to meet your objectives.
The map is not very extensive, as the authors tell us, but it's more than enough to have a good time.
The music is good, but only sounds in the presentation, what is a pity.
And about the gameplay, well, although perhaps I would have liked to see objects more clearly on the screen, it's a solved problem, because the square of the top-left of the screen is lighted when you pass in front of one.

We look forward to many more videoadventures for our old computers, and I hope it will be soon if it's possible.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2010-11-29
Visits: 23569 (#478)

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