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Sir Fred El Remake  
karnevi · 2005-12-16 · updated: 2011-11-01 · 151744 views [#2] 
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Genre: Videoaventura
Distribution: Amateur
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Puntuacion 9.3
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Sir Fred
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developing team
Programa original: Carlos Granados, Fernando Rada, Camilo Cela y Paco Menéndez
Programación, Música y Gráficos: Daniel Celemín García
Efectos de sonido: Daniel Celemín García y Raúl Montón (The Punisher)
Portada: José I. Ramos (Kendroock) y Ferrán Criado.
Asesor especialista: Spectrako
Beta testers: Kendroock, Konamito, Spectrako, Tbrazil y The Punisher
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...Once upon a time there was a wise old king who ruled over a happy land.

Everyone lived happily ever after - except wicked Baron Hugh D'Unwyt and the king's daughter, whom he's kidnapped.

As all the other knights are away a-questing, it falls to the aged and corpulent Sir Fred to rescue her...


In classic arcade-adventure style, Sir Fred has to collect object and solve problems as he penetrates the defences of Castle Feare, the Baron's stronghold.


In the main menu you'll find options that helps you to change the game aspect.

From "OPTIONS" you will find:

· Screen : options that allow you to change the screen resolution, color depth and execution mode (window or full screen).

· Redefine : you can redefinde the game keys wether you want. "Use a key combination that allow you to play as well as you can".
Also you can use joystick (but it is detected if it is connected, so you don't need to select it in the menu).

· Game : special effects that can be activated to change the game aspect. Here you have a list of them :

-> Light : It refers to the torch light that SIR FRED have to use in some dark screens.

-> Shadows : You can activate SIR FRED shadows.

-> Water transp : You can activate SIR FRED water transparency.

-> Cloud transp : With this option, clouds will be transparent.

-> Water effect : It refers to water movement effect.

· Language : You can change the menu texts to Spanish or English.

"Use the effects correctly so it can change the speed during the game"


In classic arcade-adventure style, SIR FRED has to collect object and solve problems as he penetrates the defences of Castle Feare, the Baron's stronghold.

The objects are found in different locations each time you play, which complicates mapping somewhat, but must be used to complete the various tasks which you'll need to do.

They can be picked up using the Select key and are displayed along the bottom of the screen.

A yellow box highlights the currently selected object; to use this object, press the Use key.

The objects that you can collect are:

rope, cross, score, stool, bait, tap, bottle, bow & arrow, chicken, stones, flute, keys, torch, matches, sword

Some weapons can only be used a limited number of times, so a little counter appears above the window and decrements every time the object is used.

Once the counter gets to zero, Sir Fred loses the weapon and will need to find a replacement! There are a number of weapons to be found including a sword and a bow and arrow.

SIR FRED himself has only a limited amount of energy (and only one life) so you'll need to use the weapons to defend him from the various creatures inhabiting the castle.

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