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Arquímedes XXI · Archimedes XXI · Archimède XXI  
karnevi · 2011-05-27 · 34063 views [#234] 
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info AMSTRAD [3774] 
Genre: Text Adventure
Distribution: Amateur
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Arquímedes XXI
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Conversión para ESPbasic ADVENTURE por MiguelSky y DevilMarkus
Pantalla de Carga por Litos y SyX
Conversión Melodía Principal: PulkoMandy
Música Ingame: "Alex Kidd in Spectrum Castle" by Fenyx Kell
Traducción al inglés: voXfReaX
Traducción al francés: PulkoMandy
Ayuda, pistas y consejos: Kevin Thacker y DaDman
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Over two years ago, with the launch of the new manager for the game cards, I started to review some of the classics that took years available for download on the page and still had no card. One of them, but probably the first was Arquimedes XXI (Archimedes XXI), the adventure game that marked the debut of Jorge Blecua, later known as the author of Don Quijote.
Coded in Basic with machine code graphics, it was the second raid of Dinamic in the world of interactive fiction, after the legendary Yenght.

Twenty five years after the original release, the guys from ESP Soft, under the label ESP Soft Adventure, have encouraged to port to the Amstrad CPC a game that only appeared at the time for Spectrum and MSX.

The result is commendable. Graphics have been adapted to the characteristics of the new computer without suffering the slightest distortion, like music. If someone told us that the game had been released at its time by Dinamic, we don't hesitate a moment for sure.

But not only the accuracy of the conversion, but the fact that this version opens the game to a much broader spectrum of potential players, being multilingual. For the first time, French or English speakers could enjoy a game that meets its silver anniversary.

It sounds like a great idea to convert popular classics to systems which they were not released (as good as making original programs, at least). I can imagine Sgrizam for MSX or People from Sirius for Amstrad CPC. Whenever you do with this quality, of course.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2011-05-27
Visits: 34063 (#234)

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Litos (material)
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