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Genre: Arcade
Distribution: Commercial
Price: unreleased
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Portada: Alfonso Azpiri
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Two new (and supposedly imminent) Topo Soft projects were announced at the Micromania of January 1988.

The first of these was "Baoum!", A rather ambitious military strategy game. Finally, it would be concluded by Xortrapa and published by Dro Soft, under the name Triple Comando.

The second was "Zero Kelvin", the one that concerns us in this file.
Of it, no more material is preserved than the cover sketch made by Alfonso Azpiri, as well as a couple of screens that were published in the same article to which we refer.
In the magazine section you have the transcription of the article, in which the general lines of what the game was going to be are told in a short paragraph.

Notice 05/13/2012: In MSX Input nº23 some information is added, in addition to publishing the cover in full color; from the looks of it, the Americans had built a supercomputer in 2000, which controlled all nuclear missiles aimed at the USSR. At the time of disarmament, the computer refused to obey the orders, so the two countries decided to work together to end it.
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