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karnevi · 2011-11-02 · 85476 views [#27] 
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Genre: Arcade
Type: Shootemup
Distribution: Amateur
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Turbo Girl
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developing team
Programa: Chema Solís "Ender"
Gráficos: José I. Ramos "Kendroock"
Música: Los Insociables

Juego original: Gamesoft & Dinamic
Idea original remake: Defun Projects (Anjuel & Deivid)
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
As some of you could remember, CEZ Games Studio began to close in early 2009. At that time, they were some games in the pipeline, and some of those were almost completed, so they still were released under one of our seals; this was the case of I Need Speed, Escape from Minos and Capitán Sevilla - The Remake, which became the last game of the group ... In a bit less than three years.

Why I say this? Some time ago, Chema decided to conclude the project of CEZ GS which has taken longer to develop, since Anjuel submitted it in the forum in 2004, while it still was going to be made by Defun Projects.

The game has changed a lot from the beginning of its development, but what it didn't change was the desire of his last coder in order to see the game published as a CEZ Remakes Division game, because he considered the game was almost fully created here. Kendroock, the graphic designer, agreed to it.

Thus, it isn't a resurgence of CEZ GS. It is the past, and other groups have been responsible for filling-and-so beat the hole that we left empty. It is only the above, a brief digression, an occasional way back to let you all enjoy this Turbo Girl Project.

It was nice to remember those times for a few days, as if you check out an old photo album. But now the remake belongs to you, and CEZ GS says goodbye one last time. Enjoy it as they did those who carried out the project, is the best tribute you can do.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2011-11-02
Visits: 85476 (#27)

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