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karnevi · 2010-02-25 · 23536 views [#57] 
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Genre: Estrategia
Distribution: Amateur
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Programa: Santiago Ontañón Villar (Popolon)
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
The original game was published in Spain by Mind Games, which did not guarantee to reach the market, nor good ratings in the principal magazines.
So, I had no knowledge of the existence of the game until the Brain Games remake, while Microhobby ratings contrast (for low) with those granted by the leading magazines in UK (two 9 from Sinclair User and Your Sinclair, and a 7 from Crash).

The mission is to capture three enemy bases, for which we'll have the help of three robots you must build and modify at your own.

It was released for Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 by Argus Press Software Ltd.


Brain Games has accustomed us to great conversions after remakes like The Maze of Galious ... And, one more time, we are not disappointed.

Built in a 3D environment, the graphics have been improved while maintaining the essence of the original, something fundamental in any remake (unless the original game was so bad in an aspect that was inevitable to change).

They have been also included several difficulty levels (as many as four) and a bunch of maps, plus the original, so we'll have many hours of fun.

The only negative point, unless I have missed it, is that the remake has no music, unlike the original from Argus. It does have sound, adjusted to what the game needs, but I was a little surprised about the lack of soundtrack.

Summarizing, it's an extraordinary remake of a very good program, especially aimed for fans of strategy games.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2010-02-25
Visits: 23536 (#57)

making a robot
making a robot
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in game
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original (Spectrum)